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692 srxrv-THIRD coivennss. Sess. 11. Cue. 252, 25a. 1914. %g’,j*,g&m existing liabilities: Provided, however, That no bank shall at any ' tixnspl make new loansdorgshalll pay {Tay dividencelis unless and until the tot reserve uire aw is restor . B°‘“ °‘ "°°"°“· "]Ln estimatiiiqg the regerves by this Act, the net balance of amouhts due to and from other banks shall be taken as the basis for ascertaining the bank deposits avainst which reserves shall be determined. Balances in reserve banks due to member banks shall, A d to the extent herein provided, be counted as reserves. _ mus. m "National banks ocated m Alaska or outside the contmental United States may remain nonmember banks, and shall in that event maintain reserves and comply with all the conditions now Ehovnded name. in rauppme by law regulating them; or said banks, except in the P ppme "”“"’° °‘°°*"°°· Islands, may, with the consent of the Reserve Board, become member banks of any one of the reserve districts, and shall, in that event, take slack, maintain rmerves, and be subject to all the other provisions of ` Act. ’ Approved, August 15, 1914. A°g““t 15* m4' CHAP. 53.-Au la 0 o n tb w

 of the Gulfif Mexico   trlite S€itst?>fdI·¥lo ut;i¤(i!¢;t¢$l1Snt§tefj l>I:1; the lgnwdz

lP¤bH¢» N0- 172-} 21131% f;•;l12l]gél‘o;·)possession of the same; pmviding means of enforce- Be it emwted by the Senate and House ,¢ifRepresentat·£vea og the United ?,§‘;';_§ · in Gm, 0, SH:t¢t§So_£`Ame1;L>a Om1gre;sl?l;¢{.§embIed, at on pp};1 ager t deézpproval H¤xi<¤> ¤i¤·,und¤r rc- 0 ct it e or an citizen 0 e United States or °"i°°°‘f“'° “”"‘""“1‘ person owing dut of obedience to the laws of the United States; or any boat or vessel of the United States, or person belonging to or on any such boat or vessel, to take or catch, by any means or method, in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico or the Straits of Florida outside of State territorial limits, any commercial s o es m when wet ____ ng easuring hwrmtxmg, em., mi- less than five mches in their maximum ameter, or for any person ‘ or vessel to land deliver, C\1I’G,•0H6I' for sale, or have m possession at ap)y port or place in the United States, or on any boat or vessel of the mted States, any such commercial sponges. °,*;;g¤¤{;*;f· °**d°¤°• Sec. 2. That the presence of slpo¥es of a diameter of less than live inches on any vesse or boat of the nited States engaield m sponging in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico or the Straits of orida outside of State territorial limits, or the possession of ang sgoailges of less than the said diameter sold or delivered by such vesse , s be prima facie mx evédencge ofmal violation of this Act. hl gud f P W- mc. . at eve rson artners or association t o a violation of this Ag $8:1.1] bé liable to aliine of not more thany$500, anhrl alxddigon such iine shall be glieni against til? vesslellgxij boat on w 'c the 0 ense is committe , an said vessel or oat s e seized and proceeded against by process of libel in any court having jurisdiction of the offense. _ _ J¤¤·¤<¤¤¤¢v>¤- Sec. 4. That antg violation of this Act shall be prosecuted in the disitrict(pourt of th;] hnllted %;te; of tile d1str1ct W erein the offender is oun orintow `c eis t ro t. mamma Sec. 5. That it shall be the dutyg of the Secretary of Commerce to enforce the provisions of this Act and he is authorized to empower such officers and employees of the llepartment of Commerce as he may deslgnate, or such 0 cers and employees of other departments as may be eta1led for the Eiurpose, to ma e arrests and seize vessels and sponges, and upon s uest the Secretary of the Treasury may Ng . employ the vessels of the evenue Cutter Service or the employees of the Customs Service to that end.