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698 SIXTY—THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Cris. 255, 256. 1914. H=‘·“*¤i¤*°¤¤*- half of said amount shall be paid over to the person Bgiving the inrmsecuuem. formation upon which such recovery was based. It sh l be the duty of United States attorneys, to whom satisfactory evidence of violations of this Act is fnunished, to institute prosecute actions for the recovery of the penalties prescribed by this section. ,0;fy‘T“°*“‘°“’ °°'“*’“i' Sec. 17. That no person whose evidence is deemed material by the officer prosecuting on behalf of the United States in any case brought un er any provision of this Act shall withhold his testimony Cdmm, ,mmm,,y_ because of comphcity by him in any violation of this Act or of any regulation made pursuant to this Act, but any such person called by such officer who testifies in such case shall be exempt from prosecution for any offense to which his testimony relates. . i,.?,§§°,d"}“’ °°°"“°‘ Sec. 18. That the payment of any tax evied by this Act shall not exempt any person from any penalty or prmishment now or hereafter provided by the laws of any tate or entering into contracts of sale of cotton for future delivery, nor shall the payment of any tax imposed by this Act be held to prohibit any State or municipality from _ a tax on the same transaction. _ p;_,’*£‘§%§‘§§{c°?‘ mc. 19. That there is hereby appropriated, out of any moneys in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and fifteen the sum 0 $50,000 or pro much thereof as may be necessary Psothezraile the Secretary of the . reasu to carry out the rovisions o ct.

·&°imiiir°Z Sec.rg0. That there is hlereby appropriated, out of any moneys in

°°°'”"°‘“°"°"’°“" the Treasury not otherwise a propriated, available until expended, the sum of $150,000 or so muclli thereof as may be necessary to enable the Secretary of Agriculture to make such investigations, to collect such data, and to use such methods and means as he may deem necessuguto determine and designate what are bona Hde gpot markets wi the meaning of this Act, to prescribe rules an regulations pursuant to sections five, six, and eig t hereof, to establish and promulgate standards for cotton and to furnish ractical forms thereof as authorized by section nine hereof to publisgi the results of his investigations, to pay rent and to employ such persons as he may deem e§‘€§,‘,§$”°“ °"'"°°‘ necessary ur the city of Washington and elsewhere. The Secretary R _ M E of Agriculture is hereby directe to publish from_time to time the .w_f’{’§‘§., c,,$‘I,‘§‘,,d°‘l,_$’,t.; results of mvestryations made in pursuance of this Act. All sums “*° '*"°”“*Y· collected by the Secretagy of Agriculture as costs imder section five or for furmshing practic forms under section nine of this Act, shall T_ mm mt be deposited and covered into the Treasury as miscellaneous receipts. ‘m°° ‘° ‘ Sec. That sections nine, nineteen and twenty of this Act and allprovrsrons of this Act authorizing rules and regu ations to be prescrr ed shall be effective immediately. All other sections of this _ Act shall become and be effective on, and after six months from the §§,‘§”"§· ,,0,,,,,, ,0 date of the pass e of this Act: Prwhled, That nothing in this Act vv 3 ¤¤¤¤·¢¤¤¤¤¢¢¤- shall be constru to apply to any contract of sale of any cotton for future dehvery mentione in section three of this Act which shall héve been made prior to the date when section three becomes e ectrye. Approved, August 18, 1914. A11 ¤t18.1914· CHAP. 256.-An Act To rovide for the admimion `vn- ' '· _ can registry for the foreign trlzide, and for other purposggfomlb bm"; amps to Amen Public, No. 175.] Sm, ,,,g_ Be it enacted the Senate and House ei; Re esentatives of the United mAs:£gé;¤; mpg- States of America m Ocmgress assemble , Tlidt the words "not more mgr6¤.;g¤.bun¤°§]h”ip§; than live years old at the time they apply for registry" in section ’°€$,“{f"’·3,, p_ my live of the Act entitled "An Act to provide for the opening, mainte- ¤¤=;gj=g¤<rw mz P nance, protection, and operation of the Panama Canal and the saniras, ‘ tation and government of the Canal Zone." are hereby repealed.