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702 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Cns. 265, 266. 1914. August 22,1914. CHAP. 265.-An Act To amend and reenact section one hundred and thirteen of S- 557*-l chapter five of the Judicial Code of the United States. u c, 0. 1 . , _ [P_ bu N 78] Be it enacted Senate and Hou.sel;>gR’1e£reeentattves of the United $gy°f§,§f°*;$°fy;*g; States of America in Congress assemb _ _, at section one hundred meme:. and thirteen of chapter five of the J udicial Code of the United States ,,,,}Q§,§;,df"’· P' "• be amended and reenacted so that the same read as follows; wee vegas jms. "Sec. 113. The State of West Virginia IS divided mto two districts,

 to be lmown as the northern and southern_distr1cts of West Virginia.

` The northern district shall include the territory embraced on the Bret day of Julg, nineteen hundred and ten, in the 00UIll218S_0f Ilancock, Brooke, O 0, Ma.rshall,fl`yle1‘, Pleasants, Wood, _R1tch1e, Doddridge, Wetzel Monorrirgalia, Mar1on, Harrison, LBWIS, G1lmer Calhoun, U shur, Barbour, aylor, Preston, Tucker, Randolph, Pendleton, Hpardy, Grant, Mineral Hampslure, Mogn, Berkeley, and Jefferson, Terms. with the waters thereof. Terms of the tr1ct court for the northern district shall be held at Martinsburg on the first Tuesday of April and the third Tuesday of Serputember; at Clarksburg on the second esday of April and the first esday of October- at Wheehniilcin the Erst Tuesda of May and the third Tuesday of October; at P 'ppi on the mum sam. fourth Tuesda of May and the second Tuesday of ovembe1·· at Elkins on the filet Tuesday m Jul! and the first Tuesday m December and at Parkersbugon the secon Tuesday of J anuary and the second ,Qgg_·{*_;·;, Pmpp, Tuesday of June: gomded, That a or holding court at Phihppi ' shall be furnished free of cost to the mted Statesb Barbour County until other provision is made therefor by law: And further Rwm ¤*E‘“¤*~ That a Ellace for holding court at Elkins shall be furnished free of cow to e United States by Randolph County jmtil other grlovision ¤·>¤¤¤•¤•”°¤‘*°*· is made therefor by law. The southern district shall in de the territory on the first day of Julg nineteen hundred and ten, m the counties of Jackson, Roane, Clay, raxton Webster, Nicholas, Pocahontas, Greenbrier, Fayette, Boone, Kanawha, Putnam, Mason, Cabell, Wayne, Lincoln, Logan, Mingp, Raleigh, Wyoming, McDowell, '1"¤¤¤¤· Mercer, Summers, and Monroe, wi the waters thereo . Terms of ‘ the district court for the southern district shall be held at Charleston on the Brat Tuesday of June and the third Tuesda of November· at Huntington on the first Tuesday of April and the hist Tuesday after mm added. the third Monday of September; at B uefield on the first Tuesday of May and the third Tuesdgy of October; at Williamson on the Erst Tuesday of October; at ebster Springs on the Brat Tuesda of z>m».m.·. Sextem er; and at Lewisburg on the second Tuesdgy of Jul : Pro- Spggvggs ¤¢ W·¤¤¤¤¤ _, That a place for holdingr court at Webster prin shall be furnished free of cost to the mted _States: And prmndgd further, wgwms ¤¢ W¤1¤¤·¤· That a place for hold1ng court at Williamson shall be furnished free ‘ of cost to the United States by Mmgo County until other provision is made therefor by law." Approved, August 22, 1914.

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