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708 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. sms. II. om. 286, 287. 1914. southeast quarter, southwest quarter of southeast quarter, northeast quarter of northwest quarter, southeast quarter of southwest quarter, section twenty-five; northwest quarter of northeast quarter, northwest quarter of northwest quarter, section twenty-six; north half of northeast quarter, southwest quarter of northeemt quarter, north half of northwest l}\18.I"li61', southeast quarter of northwest quarter, northeast quarter o southwest iisfrter, section twenty-seven; east half of northwest guarter, south of southwest quarter, section twenty- eight; sont west aluarter of southeast quarter, north half of nort - west quarter, sou east quarter of northwest quarter, section thuty- three; southwest qua.rter of southwest quarter section thirty-four. In township five south, range seventy-two west, sixth principal meridian: South half of northeast quarter, northwest quarter of northeat quarter, north half of southeast quarter, northwest quarter, north half of southwest quarter, section three; northeast quarter, north half of southeast (¥1£l’tB1', southeast quarter of northwes1i12I1;_arter, southeast qua.rter 0 southwest lguarter, section four east of southeast quarter section twelve. otal, seven thousand and forty-seven acres, more or ess. P°Y¤*°¤*· Sec. 2. That the conveyance shall be made of the said lands to said city and county of Denver by the Secretary of the Interior upon pay- ment by the said city and county for the said land, or such rtions thereof as it may select, at the rate of $1.25 per acre, andxpatent issued to said city and county for the said land selected, to have and gain me ex- go hog fcgllpulbhcbpark &urposes, aneiutlgt tlhleiip shalg bg exceptgd °°‘ rom e ereyauo any w'cateateote approval of Act shall be covered by a valid, existing, bona_iide pmsui. aight or claim imtiated under the laws of the United States: Promded, °°“‘”"°“‘ at this exception shall not continue to apply to any articular tract of land unless the claimant continues to compl with the law mmm, eee., lands under which the claim or right was initiated: Prmnklyed, That there '“°"°°‘ shall be reserved to the United States all oil, coal, and other mineral deposits that may be found in the lan ted and all necessary us§$*=*=’*<>¤ ‘°* ¤°¤· use of the land for extracting same: P ed further, That said city and county shall not have the right to sell or convey the land herein granted, or any part thereof, or to devote the same to any other puégose than as before described, and that if the said lands shall be us for anti purpose other than public park {purposes the same, or such parts ereo so used, shall revert to the nited States. Approved, August 25, 1914. ·”‘“'?§*;,§g,1f’“· CHAP. 287.-An Act To amend an Act entitled "An Act to protect the Iocators in .*4;.. good faith of oil and gas lands who shall have effected an actual d1scovery of oil or gas lP¤bU¢» N0- 187-1 mg publis lands of th; United Stiitelz or their success0rs in interest, " approved seem ,m¤etee¤ undrcdan e ven. P bu l d Be it emwted by the Senate and Hmw$e5f1rigl{>reaentatives zytlw United Lgcstgrgxlutsmmeral States of America. in Oemgreae aasemla , at an Act entitled "An °*\}’g}f* ggs **;*}***,0 ,5 Act to Erotect the locators in good faith of oil and gas lands who shall •¤¤¤¤¤e<¤.' have e ected an actual discovery of oil or gas on the public lands of the United States, or then successors m mterest, " approved March SECO§1(§1 nineteen hundred and eleven, be amended by adding thereto t e o owm section: w;`;{,‘§;’§*;’;fj; v‘°°_{ "SEo. 2. That where applications for patents have been or may »=·¤,g;t1;¤·»=¢·» 1¤¤¤¤¤1 hereafter be offered for any oil or gas land included in an order of N withdrawal upon which oil or gas has heretofore been discovered, or is being produced, or upon which o rations were in actual pro on October third, nineteen hun sdm and ten, and oil or gas is tgisesafter discovered thereon, and where there has been no Enal