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SIXTY-TIHRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Cns. 292, 293. 1914. 711 within the power conferred upon it, the same as if such laws were passed by Congress, nor to prevent the legislature passing laws p@‘g,Q‘{,§;,,§"g{,{{’; imposing additional duties, not inconsistent with the present duties <>¤ F¤<1¤r¤¤¤iM¤¤¤- of their respective offices, upon the governor, marshals, deputy marshals, clerks of the district courts, and United States commissioners acting as justices of the peace, judges of probate courts, recorders, and coroners, and tproviding the necessary expenses of performing such duties, and in e prosecuting of all crimes denounced y Territorial laws the costs shall e paid the same as is now or may hereafter be provided by Act of Congress providinifor the prosecution Pmmmm mm, of criminal offenses in said Territory, except t at in dprosecutions r¤v¤¤¤¤¤¤w¤· _ owindg out of aay revenue law passed by the egislature e costs shall Ee plai as in ci actions and such prosecutions shall be in the name of the Territory. Approved, August 29, 1914. ' September 2, 1914. CHAP. 293.-An Act To authorize the establishment of a Bureau of War Risk [S‘°357‘l Insurance in the Treasury Department. [rubuc, Ne. 10:2.] Whereas the fore` commerce of the United States is now greatly P"""'““’" impeded and e ed through the absence of adequate facilities for the insurance o American vessels and their cargoes against the risks of war and Whereas it is deemed necessary and expedient that the United States shall teplporarilyfprovide for the export shipping trade of the United States equate acilities for the insurance of its commerce against the risks 0 war: Therefore Be it enacted by the Senate and Housliqf Representatives ¢y't71e United States rj America in 0'angress assemb , That there is established in B,¥,§,§"’k I“‘“‘“°° the Treas1u·y Department a bureau to be known as the Bureau of War Dgmtmeg Tmm Risk Insurance, the director of which shall be entitled to a salary at the 1;ii°£iii». ` rate of $5,000 per annum. Sec. 2. That the said Bureau of War Risk Insurance, subject to the general direction of the Secretaig of the Tmssuig: shall, as soon as “**°¤°¤· practicable, make provisions for e insurance by e United States of American vessels, their freight and passage moneys, and cargoes shipped or to be shipped therem, against loss or damax by the risks of war, whenever it shall appear to the Secretary at American vessels, shippers, or importers in American vessels are unable in any trade to secure adeqpate war risk insurance on reasonable terms. Pom md nm, Sec. 3. That the ureau of War Risk Insurance, with the approval um. P of the Secretary of the Treasury, is herebfyxauthorized to adopt and publish a form of war risk policy, and to reasonable rates of premium for the insurance of American vessels, their freight and pmsage moneys and cargoes against war risks, which rates shall be sub“ect R°°°S` to such change, to each lport and for each clam, as the Secretary shall I End mag be required y the circumstances. The proceeds of the ¤m,I'.°°°°°“ ° ”'°""` aforesai premiums when received shall be covered into the Treasury of the St"t6S° Regulations author- Sec. 4. That the Bureau of War Risk Insurance, with the approval am. of the Secretary of the Treasury, shall have power to make any and éagsruges and regulations necessary for carrying out the purposes of ' ct- 0.. . Sec. 5. That the Secretary of the Treasury is authorized to estab- wglgih bm d °°` lish an to consist of three members skilled in the `m°S` practices of war risk insurance, for the purpose of assisting the Bureau of War Risk Insurance in rates of premium and in adjustment of claims for losses, and gener y in carrying out the purposes of this Act; the compensation of the members of said board to be deter- ctmpmaas.