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716 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Cris. 302, 308-310. 1914. ‘I·*;¥g‘ **8**** P'°· Sec. 4. That this Act shall be subject to all legal rights heretofore mxmeiidmmt. acquired under of th¢i>1Unlited Statesi, and thedright to alter, amend or repe ct is ere y express y reserve . Appioved, September 19, 1914. B°p&‘f‘}’,_"fg§{Qfu‘ CHAP. 308.-An Act To amend the Act approved June twentydifth, nineteen ...;._.. hundred and ten, entitled "An Act to establish postal savmgs deposntorxes for deposlP¤W°» N°· ’°°·l itiggfsaggs at interest with the security of the Government for repayment thereof, an or er purp0ses." Be it enacted by the Senate and House 0 Representatives of the United rim] °°'°°‘° m` States o America in Congress assembledf That sections two and thirtm teen ofcahe Act approved June twentyilifth, nineteen hundred and ten, entitled "An Act to establish postal savings depositories for depositing savipgs at interest with the security of the Government for repay·11}erl1it ereof, and for other purposes, ’ be hereby amended to read as 0 ows: mgtméiuggtm mg; "Sn0. That proyiisionls offsection tm mh; Act of _July fifth, °°· »P· *°hteen dredan °t—ouren.ti cmakméapromiV<i{1°2g[1>·158· gliiations fc;1 the servicglgf the Post Office De artment for e iigcal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and eighty-five; and or other purposes} are hereby extended and made applicable to all oilicial mail matter pertaining to the busmess of the postal savings ,,,,Q‘,§’°H,,,,‘§f,{§‘;°;,,,,g."‘E’,,*§_' system; and hereafter the board of trustees for the contro1, supervision, and of the postal savmgs depository system shall not bptilleqgedftg show in thef :g111U8.l reporlt prescribeg by sectiin one 0 e t 0 une twenty- nineteen un an ten esta l h iystem, the amgunt oil work done R3-! that system, by th? Post _ e epartment an pos service in e transportation 0 p,IQYL,°§is‘{‘§§“j‘tL?°’°° h-£l9Sec. 13. Postmasters, assistant postmasters, clerks, or other em- &¤}'°*;[aed3°· P- ““· ployees at post offices of the presidential grade, and postmasters at ` post offices of the fourth class, shall not be allowed or paid any addi- Itiwppiillcgimpensation for the transaction of postal savings depository Approved, September 23, 1914. S°l}Q§‘f"Ilf"6g5_}°"° msg?. 309.-An Act To relocate the headquarters of the customs district of [rome, No. zur.] ' Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Re esentatives of the United tigsriigsaaae ms. States of America in O'¢mgress assembled, 'lzlirat hereafter the headg;g{*°¤°*F*¤*d¤°”‘ quairters of the customs district of Florida shall be at Tampa, in RX S., sec. 2562. p- said State. m' A roved, September 24, 1914. PP Bwgmm 25» 19% CHAP. 310.--An Act To provide, in the interest of public health, comfort, morals,

 and safety, for the discontinuance of the use as dwellings of burldmgs situated in the

lP¤l>¤¤. N0- $02-1 alleys in the Dbtrict of Columbia. Be it enacted by the Senate and House oj Re esentatives aj the United g?·bHl1Lggslcfnu?h2i;s States cj America in Oomyress assembled, 'lzblst from and after the ‘,$§g§;g{*r,c§§d’fY ‘°°° passage of this Act it shal be u¤lawful_m the District of Columbia to erect, place, or construct any dwe on any lot or aroel of awed .%;;;:*,%r2$.*mt:g1rtm..s:ch;.;yd“ *aJ·‘m· .°‘°**...rgr£°:: W1 e c w oes no run and open on two of the streets bordering the square, and is not sup- Kléed with sewer, water mains, and gas or electric light; and m this t the term "aIley" shall mclude any and all courts, passages, and