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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Srss. II. Cris. 312, 313. 1914. 725 to be to the District of Columbia. from the assessments for benefits and covered into the Treasury to the credit of the revenues of the District of Columbia. Sec. 3. That the street railway extension provided for in section T"°°°f°°”"°°"°" one hereof sha.ll be be§1n within three months after the judgment has been made final in e condemnation proceedings provided for in section two, and shall be completed, with cars thereon, within a period of one year from said date; and the said ashington Gamma md Railwafy and Electric Company shall, within thirty days from the ' date o the final judgment in the said condemnation deposit with the collector of taxes of the District of lumbia e sum of $1,000 to guarantee the construction of said extension 'within the prescribed time, and if said extension is not completed, with cars running thereon, within the prescribed time, said $1,000 shall be forfeited to the District of Columbia. I it M cost 0, Sec. 4. That, in addition to the deposit hereinbefore referred to, r¤sp»¤u¤¤,m the said company shall deposit such further sum or sums as the commissioners may require to cover the cost of inspection and the cost of changes to public constructions or appurtenances in public highways caused by the construction of said extension. _ mm ew mm Sec. 5. That allplans of location and construction of said extension proved by.’Comm§ shall be subject to the approval of the Commissioners of the District '*°“"· - of Columbia, and all excavations in public highways shall be nrade undenlpermits from said commissioners and subject to regulations prescrr by them. That said extension shall be constructed m_a substantial and durable manner, subject to the inspection of sard commissioners and all ?1?1ges to construction and gppure tenances rrrigrgblic space be made at e expense of said r way. Sec. 6. t the said Washington Railway Electric Company *`”¢**"•”° °““°& shall have, over and respecting the extension of its lines herein provided for, the same rights, powers, and privileges that it by its charter and amendments or by law over and respecting rts routes, and shall be subject, in respect thereto, to all the other provisions and requirements, duties obligations of its charter and amendments and of law. That m addition to the obligation placed upon mghrndinz gtglnccnt said company by its charter and law regarding e maintenance of "y°' the space between its rails and tracks and two feet adjacent thereto on each side thereof the said companly shall, m connection with its track construction and srmultaneousy therewith, g·rade the highways through which its tracks shall be extended, under the provisions of this Act, for a distance of two feet outside the outer rails of its tracks to such section and profile as may be aplproved bg the Commissioners of the District o Columbia, and sha bear an defray all of the costs of such grading, which shall be done to the entire satisfaction of said commissioners. thing. 7. That Congress reserves the right to alter, amend, or repeal ·'¤¤•¤¤¤=•¤*· ' ct. Approved, September 29, 1914. CHAP. 313.-An Act Ma appropriations for the construction, re , and 0¤*°b¤¤‘ 2»19i4· preservation of certain publicédvldgks gg ngers and harbors, and for other lH· R· mud [Public, No. N5.] Be it enacted by the Senate and House ¢y‘ReprecenIat·ives of the United _ States of America in Congress aesemlrled, That the sum of $20,000,000 ,,,,R‘,§,?§§m”;,‘,,‘},i‘““°” be, an the same hereby is, appropriated out of an moneys in the r»£1;r>;B¤r;r¤¤¤¤tc1¤; Treasury not otherwise apgropriated, to be immediately available grime;. °°' ° " ° and to be expended under_t e direction of the Secretary of War and the supervision of the Chief of Engineers, for the preservation and maintenance of ex1st¤n§ river and arbor works, and for the prosecution of such projects eretofore authorized as may be most desirable