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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Cris. 314-316. 1914. 727 tion by metes and bounds of the lands herein authorized to be taken shall be approved by the Secretary of War, or by the chief officer of the department under whose supervision such reservation may other- _ wise fall: And further, That the said The Atchison, Topeka ,,,g§,_{,{{{§},}§"g‘{§_ "‘“‘ and Santa Fe Railway Company of Kansas, and other arties obtain- ' ing license from the Secretary o ]War or chief officer of tlie de artment under whose supervision such reservation may otherwise falf as hereinbefore provided, shall comply with such other regulations or conditions as may from time to time be prescribed by the Secretary of War, or by the chief officer of the de artment under whose supervision such reservation may otherwise fall. Sec. 3. That the powers herein granted are limited to a period of '“‘“° °""°°‘ fifty years unless sooner altered, amended, or repealed by Congress. Sec. 4. That the right to alter, amend, or repeal this Act is hereby "“‘°“°"’°°t' exp ressly reserved. Approved, October 3, 1914. crrar. srs.-in Act raaryrug are aabusumene or are boundary rinebszweeu °°j‘;,‘2°'3,2;,§°"· the States of CODIl0CtiC11t 8Ild M3§»Chl1BGi3¤. Be it enacted by the Senate and House 0 Re esentatives 0 the Un·ited States of America in Congress assembled{ Tlizt Congress {ereby con- a" sents to the establishment of a boundary line between the States of w°°g;;§,°‘b§g';,§,’B“’;}; Massachusetts and Connecticut, heretofore agreed upon by said line mmm. States, which boundary line is shown by duplicate maps, one copy of which has been deposited with the secretary of state o Massachusetts and another co y m the library of the State of Connecticut, and which boundary line has been fixed and determined according to the terms of an act of the Legislature of the State of Connecticut entitled "An act establishing the boundary line between Connecticut and Massachusetts/’ approved June sixt , nineteen hundred and thirteen, which act has been sent to and received b the State of Massachusetts, and an act of the Legislature of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts entitled "An act to establish the boundary line between the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the State of Connecticut," approved March nineteenth, nineteen hundred and eight, which act has been sent to and received by the State of Connecticut, each of which acts contains a full description of said boundary line. Approved, October 3, 1914. CHAP. 3 18.-An Act To authorize the reservation ofpublic lands for cormtry parks °°°‘f§f"£5_§°“‘ and community centers within reclamation projects, an for other purposes. Be it enacted the Senate and House 0 Re esentatives 0 the United . States of Amervilgr in Congress assembler; Tlizt the Secreiiary of the ¤c•I.;i°l°m°“°° PNP Interior be, and he is hereby, authorized to withdraw from other ,,,,L£,,‘;,‘i,B§°,’,g?f§§c‘{ disposition and reserve for country parks, public playgrounds, and community centers for the use of-the residents upon the lands such tracts as he may deem advisable not exceeding twent acres in any one township in each reclamation project or the several units of suc reclamation projects undertaken under the Act of June seventeenth, V<>¤-32.x>·38& nineteen hundred and two, known as the reclamation Act._ me wm su PU Sec. 2. That subject to the provisions hereinafter contamed every ea. P ’ such tract of land so set apart shall be sutpplied with water from the Government irrigation system, the cost thereof to be charged to the remaining lands of the 5{oljgct as a part of the construction charge of such roject, and sh maintained and used in perpetuity by the people upon said reclaimed lands for a pleasure park, public play- ground, and community center.