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730 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. CHS. 320, 323. 1914. Ehence ntolrth no tlolegrelos twentyiiiyehminutes lwest about iift(y—eight ’1‘¤¤¤¤f¤r¤¢¤t1¤- eet to e nor ern oundary 0 the site; thence east six egrees north about thirty-five feet to the place of beginning. And the Secretary of the Treasury is hereby authorized and directed to execute a quitclaim deed to the purchaser of the foregoing piece of land, which shall transfer title from the United States to such purchaser. ¤>¤v¤¤¤= ¤f1¤¤¤¤¤1=— Sno, 2, That. the proceeds arising from the sale of the property described be covered into the Treasury of the United States as a miscellaneous receipt. Approved, October 14, 1914. (icéobgr ¥55k?1;· 3§3.—m;Alo fActt;1l‘e supplement existing laws against imlawful restraints

 $0 IDODOPO &, 0l‘0 GY pl.H'p0B%.

[Public, No. 212.] Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Re esentatioes of the United f§‘w"§'“,f,c·§{’,§g,{°’,§, States of in Congress assembled, Tlizt "antitrust 1aws," as °¤{§°{*=;é P M used herein, mcludes the Act entitled "An Act to protect trade and ’ ` commerce against unlawful restraints and moncpol1es," approved "°‘·”·P·57°~ July second, eighteen hundred and ninety; sections seventy-three to seventy-seven, mclusive, of an Act entitled An Act to reduce taxation, to provide revenue for the Government and for other purposes/’ of August twentgvgseventh, eighteen hundred and ninety- "°*- 37- 1*667- our; an Act entitled "An t to amen sections seventy-three and seventy-six of the Act of August twenty-seventh, eighteen hundred and mne -four, entitled ‘An Act to reduce taxation, to rovide ty P revenue for the Goyernment, and for other purposes/" atgpsroved February twelfth, nmeteen hundred and thuteen; and also Act. ¥;[ egge "Commerce," as used herein, means trade or commerce among the ` several States and with foreign nations, or between the District of _ Columbia or any Territory of the United States and any State, ,,,,I{§‘},‘l,{’f p°“°“'°”’ Territory, or foreign nation, or between any insular possessions or other places under the jurisdiction of the United States, or between guy such polsselsssion or p%a(c)e1andbany State or Territory of the Umgxoild tates or the istrict 0 0 um ia or any oreign nation or wi ` Pmim the District of Colinnbia or any Tertritog or any insularipossession mngyhigptlngsbne to rorril other place uncliilstlzo jurisdictiooi of e United Sta;£es&> , ° Pp °’· at not in ct containe appy to e ° `ppino Islands. ,,,,QQ§€"°“" °' "*’°" The word "person" or "persons" wherever used in this Act shall be deemed to include corporations and associations existing under or authorized by the laws of either the United States, the laws of any of the Territories, the laws of any State, or the laws of any foreign coun . ,0];,*,‘}f§§‘,gS°§,s*{‘, f’,§§’§ Sec. 2.u'llliat it shall be unlawful for any person engaged in comg:g¤,g,¤=*=*<>¤. ¤¢¤-7 ¤¤· merce, in the course of such commerce, either directly or indirectly ' to discriminate in price between different purchasers of commodities, which commodities are sold for use, consumption, or resale within the United States or any Territory thereof or the District of Columbia or any insular possession or other place under the jurisdiction of the United States, where the effect of such discrimination may be to PWM substantially lessen competition or tend to create a monopoly in anH ra-maiiéa mama-. line of commerce: Prooikled, That nothing herein contained QQ g"""’*· ‘1‘”·”“'*‘· revent discrimination m rice between urchasers of commodities P , P P on account of differences m the grade, qualit , or uantit of the . Y il _ Y . To mm commodity sold, or that makes only due allowance or difference in sm,. °°""’°°' the cost of selling or transportation, or discrimination in price m Sd tb { m the same xoikddiderent cofmmhu¢r1i1ti1;eio8made in gogd faith to megs com- 60 H0 CIS · . ° • I - ° ° _ petition. provided urt _ t nothing erem contain _ _ maimed prevent persons engaged in scilling goods, wares, or merchandise m