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734 SIXTY·THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Cn:. 323. 1914. h§;}u?j?g;,¤’*Sd*°“°¤¤°* That nothingin this section shall beheld to take away or impair the ` jurisdiction of the courts of the several States under the _1aws thereof; and a `udgment of conviction or acquittal on the merits under the laws of] any State shall be a bar to any prosecution hereunder for the same act or acts. commu carriers Sec. 10. That after two years from the approval of this Act no comggh;}g{§,°‘a,f;§,'f;,°g'f,*,; mon carrier engaged_in commerce shall have any dealings in securities, ggécgrdw ¤m¤¤ suppgeés or othterruarticles of commerce, 01% shall Linage pgihpve any cpu; ° ° ‘ trac or cons ction or maintenance o any , e amoun o Amount allowed. . . . more than $50 000, III the aggregate, m an one year, with another corporation, {him, partnership or associatioxir when the said common carrier shall have ulpon its board of directois or as its president, manager or as its purc asing or officer, or agent in the particular transaction, any rson who is at e same time adirector, manager, or · purchasing or officer of, or who has any substantial 1H.l}0I'6St m, mts wmpamv. such other ¢ on, Erm, partnership or association, unless and ex- Wm ¤°°P“"‘· cept such pure shall be made from, or such deahngs shall be with, the bidder whose bid is the most favorable to such common carrier, to be ggaartainneld by competitilve undercregulations to be pnescri b e or 0 y e terstate ommeree ion. q,R,,f,E“° °‘ """ "* No bid slinll be received unless the name and address of the bidder or the names and addresses of the officers, directors and general managers thaeiglof, if the £i.¢;ie}r)cbe_ a corpglrattinprlgg-r of the members, 1f it be a p ership or , ven wi 1 ""°“°“”§,,"“d, °°"*‘ An person who sh5l, directl or indirect] do or attem t to do mm { pm- to revent smyone frog bidding or slliall do any acl;) to prevent free and) fair competitiongdrnong the bidders or those desiri§ to bidfirhallbepunished asprescri in thissectionin the case of ano eu or ector. imo S*¤*°*¤°¤* °‘ Eve such common carrier having an such transactions or ma ` i°¤`i£m2° glogxlmzirbz any sulcyh puurchases shall within thirty dzys after making the sandnfilg °°'““”“i°”‘ with the terstate Commerce Commission a full and etailed statement of the transaction showing the manner of the competitive bid- _ ding, who were the bidders, and the names and addresses of the direc- ,,g§,°}{°“ “ “°""°"’ tors and officers of the corporations and the members of the firm or partnership b1dd1ng;_ and whenever the sagd commission shall, after investigation or hearm , have reason to beheve that the law has been violate in and about the said purchases or transactions it shall transptlit :.1l papers and tlhocniments anéigts odwn views or findings regarding e ransac non to e ttome ner . mflgnvty M nm- If any common carrier shall Siiolate this section it shall be fined not ruimmtm er om. exceed.mgb$25 000· and every such director, agent, managtr or officer “°'°*°“°¤· °‘°· thiretgflg w o 1l;ave know1£glg*hwi;plteh¢g· for oi thedact cop}; stiu su vie tionorwo veaie oraette insu violation shall be deemed gulitg of a misdemeanor and shall be fined not§xceed1ngi$5,0(t0€fI>r confine in jail not exceeding one year, or both, in e discre on o e court. E¤'°*<··=¤*¤°°’A°*- Sec. 11. That authority to enforce compliance with sections two, three, seven and eight of Act blyu the persons respectively subject C°I,{*,’gg;Ig$°*f,°°mm°*°° thereto is hereby vested: in the terstate Commerce Commission Btwemi Reserve where applicable to common carriers, in the Federal Reserve Board Fi; 81 TM C whgre a5p11<i_acbte 1,13 banks, assocgstions anld tngxist corjpaniles, N; °°m·an m e e e OIDIDJSSIOHWGPB8 °caeto oter mi: character of commerce, to be exercised as felled); sei-°i·%}iii°cbmp1a:¤¤s Whenever the commission or board vested with jurisdiction thereof mw! `*'*°'°“°¤¤· igialgl have IIEBBEOD to believe that any persoxilg violating or hashvioi te an 0 the rovisions o sections two, ee seven and e' t o this Actfit shall issue and serve upon such person ra compllaint dllating its charges IH that respect, and containing a notice of a caring upon A N of a day and at a place therein Exed at least thirty da s after the service ¤i33Z€°°'°° °°' of said complaint. The person so complained of shall have the right