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738 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 323. 1914. Act to codify, revise, and amend the laws relating to the judiciary/’ approved March third, nineteen hundred and eleven. m§‘}°a‘§,{‘,},{,fg’{,‘,§,§°“§°‘_f A 18. That, exceplt as othervsiise provideg in iection 16 of this ¤=<>¤w <>r<1e¤=· ct, no restra1mng` or er or inter ocutory or er 0 injuncfon hall issue, except upon the giving of security by the aipcplicant in duchium as the court or judge may deem proper, condition upon the dp ayment of such costs and damages as may be incurred or suffere by any party cgi}; may be found to have been wrongfully enjoined or restrain ere y. ,g°¤,,°*{;;¤ °’0’°· Sec. 19. That ev order of injunction or restraining order shall speeacintcilxiii-t be set forth the reasongrfhr the issuance of the same, shall be specific in terms, and shall describe in reasonable detail, and not by reference to the bill of com laint or other document, the act or acts sought to be restrained, andp shall be binding only upon the parties to the suit, their officers, agents, servants, employees, and attorneys, or those in Actual notice re- - · · · { quired. active concert or participating mt them, and who shall, by personal mm djspms seiévice or olthherwise, have receiveg actual notice of giiyabxgie. md b ,,s,,.,',,,,,, ‘ nc. 20. at no restraining or er or injunction s gran y §» ¤¤¤<>w¢·1gi¤€r?>$ any court of the United States, or a 'udge or the judges thereof, in any umi°'¤;`€$°;iripr`Z¥$fiZi¤i case between an employer and employees, or between employers and employees, or between employees or between persons em loyed and persons seeking employmtint, invilving,16r groping put oi: a dispute concerning terms or con 'tions o employmen un ess necess to prevent irreparable injpry to property, or to a property right, Bdfythe party making the a p `cation, for which in' there is no ad uate S mu t P Ju-VY **1, q¤,§{“ ”°" ’°‘ remedy at law, and_such property or progrty right must be described with particulanty in the application, w ch must be m wnting and _ sworn to by the applicant or by his_ agent or attorney. _ _ Am ¤°° P'°h““‘°"· And no such restraming order or injunction shall prohibit any person or persons, whether singly or in concert, from terminating any relation of employment, or from ceasing to perform any work or abor or from recommending, advising, or persuading others by means so to do; or from attending at any place where any suc person or persons may lawfully be, for the purpose of peacefully obtaining or commumcating mformation, or from peacefully persuading any person to work or to abstam from working; or from ceasing to patromze or to employ any party to such dispute, or from recommending, advising, or persuadingpthers by and lawful means so to do; or from aying or giving to, or withholding from, any person engaged in such dispute, aniy strike benefits or other moneys or things of value; or from peaceab y_ assembling in a lawful manner, and for awful (purposes; or from domgiaany act or thing which might lawfully be one

 0?¤*gm§:,; in the absence of sue dispute by anygiarty thereto; nor shall any_of

swan"!. {she acts mftlilis Earaggagh considered or held to be viot° t 'te t tes. ggggpggmwgnhg SS;5 (2l T‘l1atwaiié1so]i11 who sliall willfully disobey any lawful buying) new was writilprocess, order, , decree, or command o any district court of

‘;é,,,_ "° P'°°'°"°‘i the nited States or any court of the District of Columbia by do'

any act or thing therein, or thereby forbidden to be done by himlfii the act or thi? so done by him be of such character as to constitute also a crimin offense under any statute of the United States or under tilt; laws of spy igte whtigh the acltiovlvcaiilgz-pmmitted;1i’•l(;all be procee agamst or said con mp as ter rovi . P'°°°d“’°* Sec. 22. éfglgatilwhergever it shall bfgmaile to appear tig any district courtorju tereo,ortoany]u etereins1tt' , yt ereturn of a_proper officer on_lawful process, or upon theliiiididavit of some credi le person, or by information filed by any district attomey, that there is reasonable ground to believe that any person has been guilty muse or rule mshow of such contempt, the court or judge thereof, or any julie therein ` sitting, may issue a rule requiring the said person so arged to