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740 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ons. 323, 325, 328, 329. 1914. same, and all other cases of contempt not specifically embraced 4 within section twenty-one of this Act, may be Hunished in conformity me www for m_ to the usages at law and equity now pre _ _ _ _ sututgsg contempt Sec. 25. Tl1atnopr0ceed1ngLfI<;rcontemptsha11 emstituted agamst · any jiirusion unless egun wit one year from the date of the act comp ed of; nor shall any such proceeding be a bar to any criminal prosecution for the same act or acts; but nothing herein contained shall affe¢£1tt1a:J.n;3yAproceedmgs in contempt pending at the time of the passage o ct. eiiisllulltlil, °il¤t°°¢Z Sec. 26. If any clause, sentence, paragraph, or part of this Act gf '°¤**¤°°' °‘ shall, for any reason, be ad'udged by any court of competent jurisdiction to be mvahd, such ju ent shall not affect, 1mpa1r, or mva]1- date the remainder thereof, but shall be confined in its operation to the clause, sentence, paragralph, or part thereof directly mvolved in the controversy in which suc judgment shall have been rendered. Approved, October 15, 1914.

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c, No. 213. Be it enacted by the Senate a1uZHouse o Repreaentatakvee o the United

?; State: of America in Congress qaeembledf _That any femalc citizen of

• c0m• SSP '*°"‘*‘ P"' iilhliglgilwoglllflaldgzha§¢l;lhll:tt§gr:tghau1l1dtv(;lll>lrli§:e3ltIdi?l!lll:had plied all the condilll:>ns as to the aclluisition of title to such land prescribed by the public·land laws of the United States, shall, notwithst her mtermani e with an alien, who is entitled to · 15 become a citizen of the Uni States, be entitled to a certificate or patent to such entry equally as though she had remained unmarried or had married an American citizen. Approved, October 17, 1914.

 C( . 328.-An Act To increase the limit of costof public building at IA Juni,

· ,. . .1 ‘P“°”° `I° mi Be u maazpy at same and new qmpmmarea gfthe Uma: . · ,,n_ o an ongreasaas , a e Igglf1*g¤*g,°°c},g States f Amenea C _ _ emlaled Th t th limit 0 cost of the mm:. pubuc ¤¤¤¤· United States post-office budding at La Junta, Colorado, be, and the mg "" samexshereby, increased $10,000. . Approved, October 20, 1914. °§bf{ EQ?} 0,E,$£S1;$??)g{(;%1¥*t}*}§;iI;`;fo¥l}$ ezulgrgiweut. and so forth, of the Wa.11 street {mn; b c, No. 5. _Pu H _ m Y Be 12 enacted by the Senate and House of Rrfggresentatives of the United §$.Y,l,Q‘§{,l,‘.,°5,?.f{,,1Z.s..,¥ States of America in Congress assembled, at all unexpended bal· °*¥I°°· ances of aplpropriations heretofore made under the authority con- V:f_‘Qf6b;“Q‘;F;’[,,°,_ tained in the Acts of Congress approved March fourth, nineteen 37.D·422l ' hundred and eleven, and August twenty-six, nineteen hundred and twelve, for the enlargement, and so forth, of the Wall Street front of gre apsagyl office in New Y;>rl2hC1ty, gr vaults therefor, and arc tec ur engmeering an o er tec c services in connection therewith, are hereby authorized to be made available for the erection of a new fireproof building on said Wall Street front, in continuation, or extension, of the present assaly office building fronting on Pine Street, together with suitable va _ ts for use of said assay office and the adjoining subtreasury, and, if necessary, an entrance from or