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SIXTY·THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. CHS. 329, 330. 1914. 741 connection with said subtreasury for access therefrom, at a total ,,,1;*m*, it °' °°S* *¤· limit of cost of not exceeding in the aggregate the present limits of ` cost for building, vaults, connection with the subtreasury, and the architectural engineering, or other technical services in connection therewith, of? $607,408. Sec. 2. That the authoritylgieretofore given to the Secretary of t£§,,"T§’§*§Z°,;'lZ*.sY”2$§l the Treasury to empllgly, in discretion, such architectural, engi- mmneering, or other tec cal services as he may deem necessary in connection with the enlargement, remodeling, or extension of the portion of the assayl office in New York City fronting on Wall Street, and to pay for suc services from the unexpended balance of the appropriation from which the rear portion of said assay office was constructed, is hereby continued wit respect to said new building; payment therefor within the limit hereto ore fixed to be made from e amounts 1:0.3. at e cretaryo e asury ,an is ere ,,,,,,,,,,, ,§§""` h61S6inaut1'.l`(hriz6iz1h Se fth Tre be dhe h b E’*’°‘“°°"""" i further authorized to employ in connection with the Supervisirig 1>¤¤¤¤.•¤=? W M Architect’s Office, and wit out regard to the civil-service laws, rules, or regulations for service, either within or without the District of Columbia, such other s ially skilled technical, engineering, cousulting, and superiutendg services as he may deem necessary; all such specially skilled technical, engineering, consulting, and superintending services to be exclusive y emuployed in connection with the plans and specifications for said va ts and the foundations of compmstm M said building and vaults. And the Secretary of the Treasury is ’ hereby authorized to pay for such services mentioned in this paragraph such compensation and such actual necessary traveling and subsistence expenses in connection with such work as he may] deem Admtim t ML reasonable, from the amounts herein authorized, all such ad 'tional .,¤,.ut_h0ru.;§¤¥§_ services and traveling expenses hereinbefore authorized to be in addition to and independent of the authorizations and afppropriations for dpersonal services and traveling expenses in said office otherwise ma °' - - Disposaleitacad And m razing said Wall Street front the Secretary of the Treasury °° may dispose, by gift or otherwise, of the facade of saiipresent build- ,,mm_ ing with a view to the preservation of said facade: rovakled, That Ntupam. the United States shall not be put to any expense beyond that for said razing. Approved, October 20, 1914. CHAP. 330.-An Act To provide for the leasing of coal lands in the Territory of °g,°l’§‘i gg;} Alaska, and for other purposes. Be it enacted the Senate and House of Re esentativea of the United States of Anwrihct in Congress assembled, Tlizt the Secretary of the §,,’“,$'§§§Y;§`,§¤°'{°?{‘ Interior be, and hereby 1s, authorized and directed to survey the lands of the United States in the Temtory of Alaska known to be Pm,°m,,,_ valuable for their deposits of coal, preference to be given hrst in fayor of surveying lands within those areas commonly known as the Bening River, Matanuska, and Nenana coal fields, and thereafter to suc areas or coal fields as lie tributary to establishedsettlements or exist- P E ing or proposed rail or water transportation lines: Provided, That nxmuéu underusuch surveys shall be executed in accordance with existing laws and Rggpzfééigh rules and regulations dgoverning the survey of public lands. There ` is hereby appropriate , out of any money in the '.l.`l'88S\1.? not otherwise appropriated, the sum of $100,000 for thedpurpose o making the surveys herein provided foI‘, to continue av ab e until expended: Provided, That any surveys heretofore made under the authority or U“ °‘*"“"‘“"°’*