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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ons. 330, 331. 1914. 745 Interior. Each lease shall contain revisions for the u e of C°¤d*“°¤S *°* 0W-

 the exercise of reasonable dgigence, skill, and   the iiiifig¤¥1.Smty’ em" "`

operation of said property, and for the safety and welfare of the miners and for the prevention of undue waste, including a restriction deE*¤¤*·h°¤* Mrkof the workday to not exceeding eight hours in any one day for iiagerem. underground workers except in cases of emergency; provisions securing the workers complete freedom of purchase, the pay- ment of wages at least twice a. month in lawful money of the United States, and providing proper rules and regulations to secure fair and just weighing or measurement of the coal mined by each miner, and e,P*g,*e°¤¤¤¤ ¤¤¤¤¤1>· such other_provisions as are needed for the protection of the interests y' ' of the United States, for the prevention of monopoly, and for the safeguardingrpg the public welfare. Snq. 13. at the pomession of any lessee of the land or coal ;.,,1Q`§2§°"" "‘h°' °° deposits leased under this act for all purposes involving adveise 0l&1IDS to the leased property shall be deemed the 10D of the United States, and or such purposes the lessee sliall occu y the same relation to the property leased as if operated directly Iby the United States. Sec. 14. That any such lease may be forfeited and canceled by e,e1;e°"°‘*·"*" ‘°* '*°'¤· appropriate pgoceeding in a court of competent jurisdiction whenever ` t e lessee fai to comply with any provision of the lease or of general regulations promulgate under t is Act; and the lease may provide other eememee for the enforcement of other appropriate remedies for breach of speci- ' fied conditions thereof. Sec. 15. That on and after the aplproval of this Act no lands in sul:>?:<it1?:gBhAr<?:Im Alaska containing deposits of coal wit drawn from entry or sale shall be dis osed of or acquired in any manner except as provided in this _ Act: Frovided, That the passe.? of this Act shall not affect any pro- {>°',@,,,Ses ,9 be ceeding now pendingmin the epartment of the Interior, and any d·*¤¤¤i¤¤d· such proceeding may carried to a final determination m said department notwithstanding the epeassage hereof: Prmnkied further, That no eefegéfefegegegjgeeeeg; lease shall be made, under e provisions hereof, of any land, a claim mg cam. for which is pending in the De artment of the Interior at the date of the passage of this Act, and unless such claim is finally disposed of by the dgpartment adversely to the claimant. _ S mem ee Sec. 16. That statements, rgpresentations, or reports required, ,t.,f'§‘§§.m·Sd_ °“ ’ unless otherwise specified, by the ecretary of the Interior under this Act shall be u n oath and in such form and upon such blanks as the Secretary of the Interior may require, and any person making false ee}’e";}'$”m°¤"°"*”° oath, representation, or report shall be subject to punishment as for u .

17. That the Secretary of the Interior is authorized to prescribe e,§ee°§,“,§§f,{°““ ‘° *’°

the necessary and proper rules and regulations and to do any and all things necessary to carry out and accomplish the pulxehposes of Act. Ceemene hm ,e_ Sec. 18. That all Acts and parts of Acts m co `ct herewith are peglggee P e_ee_e,0l hereby repealed. pl sas; vox. 55,pZ Approved, October 20, 1914. *2 ' CHAP. 331.-An Act To increase the internal revenue, and for other purposes. Og? Be it enacted by the Senate and H owe of Repreaeniativesa¢-the United iP¤b**°» N°-_m7·1 States of America in Congress assemble , That there sh be levied, e_e§e¤g;¤;§;ge_¤*¤¤¤ collected, and aid in lieu of the tax of $1 now nneposed by_law, a tax eiplixqume uques. of $1.50 on all) beer, lager beer, ale, porter, an other similar fer- M ,,,,T‘°"° tax °" mented liquor, brewed or manufactured andsold, or stored in ware- VM- 31% ¤·96- house, or removed for consumption or sale, within the United States, by whatever name such liquors may be called, for every barrel containing not more than thirty··one gallons; and at a like rate for any