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754 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 331. 1914. ments, matters, or things, or any of them, shall be written or- printed b an person or persons, or party who shall make, sign or issue the sa;lrme,yor for whose use or benefit the same shall be inade, signed, or issued, the several taxes or sums of money set down m fitiures against the same, respectively, or otherwise specified or set for m the said schedule. £g[1·,Qg=¤· •*°· And there shall also be levied, collected, and paid, for and in Pm, p. vos? respect to the pryeparations, matters, and things mentioned and glescsrilbedig Scheddetgof this Act, rpanufacture; ,1 sold, or rerlrzpsved or e, e seve es or sums o monetywse _ own in wo orfigures amst the same respectively or o rwrse specified or set rms sfgeheauie B of this Aa. ’ _ _

1,,; f’;,,,‘§{Z,{§,§dE‘§.‘,$; Sec. b'lé`hat any peréson opspuersiongpgiall piakegsiigrg or issue, or

· cause ma e s e or e ms rume ocumen or pa er of any kind brlduescrlption whatsoeyer, without the same ully stamped for denoting the tax hereby imposed thereon, or without having thereupon ara adhesive stamp to denlote said tax, such person or persons shall be eeme guilty o a mis emeanor an u on convirctéon thereof shall pay a fine of not more than $100, he the discretion o the court. ,,,,§,§‘,§,}§{§,§,Pgj“§,§?f Sec. 7. That if any person shall forge or counterfeiti or cause or ¤¤¤¤1>¤· procure to be forged or counterfeited, any stamp, die p ate, or other inlsgruuneplthpr anyepart of agydstamp, dig. plgpe, oppther iplsctimmpgt, w `ch sh ave n rovi e or may ere ter rovi m e or used in pursuance of) this Act, or shall forge, countgrfeit, or’resem; ble, or cause or- procure to be forged, counterfeited, or resembled, the impression, or any part of the impression, of any such stamp, die, ‘ 2%,2 m;¥2"h%2u*;2;·;:;·2,¤:,:’,;*e:“2i:,*;°:*¤y,:.ii‘·l¤,2; tmzmz * r per 1- r pr e s am e · or markdd, any vellum, parchment, or paper with any such forged) or counterferted stamp, die, plate, or other instrument, or part of any stamp, die, pylate, or other mstrument, as aforosaid,_w1t intent to Umm]! defraud the mted States of any of the taxes hereby imposed; or any m_,m,m,,,¥,,;,,s“°’““€_ · part thereof; or if any person s utter, or sell, or expose or sale, any vellum, parchment, paper, article, or thing having thereupon the impression 0 any such coimterfeited stamp, dre, plate, or other instrument, or any part of any stamp, die, p ate, or other instrument, ; or any such forged, counterferted, or resembled impression, or part , of impression, as aforesaid, lmowing the same to_be forged, counter- USM °°"“'°"°“$· ferted, or resembled; or if any person shall knowingly use or lpermit the 11se of any stamp, die, (plate, or other instrument, whic shall have been so rovided, ma e, or used as aforesaid, with intent to ,,,",,"f,*‘,‘§§§‘,{§,’f’f,,}’g}'°“‘°‘f defraud the Uiiited States; or if any person shall fraudulently cut, tear, or_rem<}ve, or cause car; propure to behcut, torn, or rempvid, gg? impression o an stamp, 'e, p ate, or other instrument w ic s have been provided made or used in pursuance of this Act from any I umm my vellum, parchmentfor papler, or any instrument or writing charged or m;,e¤e.,s¤m{s. chargea le with any o the taxes imposed by law; or if any person piliazlg fraudfiwly use,_j§in, Ex, or place, pir cause tig? use , Joined, or p a , to wrt or upon any ve um, parc ent, a er or any ihstrument or charged or charveable with any of {hg tzixes hereby imposed, any adhesive stamp, or the impression of any stamp, die, p ate, 01* other mstrument, whic shall have been provided, made, or used m pursuance of law, and which shall have been cut, torn,_or removed from any other vellum, parchment, or paper, or any m· W strument or writing charged or chgylgeablo with any of the taxes lm- ,._,,,,,f,‘f,‘;§§§,,sj‘;Q';*j"*¤*¢ posed b(y gw; or any pirgori shed wilrllfully remove or cause to li; remove , ter or cause to a te , the canceling or defacing mar of an adhesive stam with intent to use the same or to cause the use og the same, afteril; shall have been once used, oi- shall kno ly or willfully sell or buy such washed or restored stamp, or oflziilghe