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766 six*rY.·rr111tD coivsnnss. sm. 11. css. ss-;-see. 1914. time of war, except for thefperformance of duties such as required by W,¤¢¤ M ¤·"* his license; and while pe orming such duties in the service of the United States every such master, mate pilot, or engineer shall be entitled to the highest rate of wages paid m the merchant marine of P“"“°“* the United States for similar services, and if killed or wounded while performing such duties imder the United States, theg, or their heirs, or their legal representatives, shall be entitled to all the privileges aocorded to soldiers and sailors serving in theArmy or Navy, un er the pension laws of the United States" Approved, October 22, 1914. ' [H- R- {gig?. CHAP. 335.-An Act To provide for issuing of patents for public lands claimed;

 under the homestead laws by deserted wives.

. Be it enacted the Senate and House 0 Re eseratatives o the United §`3iiiie$,¤Ai‘fed°é¤t»1es States of AME in Congress assembled? Thlgt in any cage in which a'g{n*;f;,°";$*°¥j*°‘°d by persons have regularly initiated claims to public lands as settlers thereon under the provisions of the homestead laws and the wife of such homestead settler or entryman, while residing upon the homestead claim and prior to submission of final proof of residence, cultivation, and improvement asprescribed by law, has been abandoned and deserted b her husband for a period of more than one year, the deserted wife shall, upon establishing the fact of such abandonment or desertion to the satisfaction of the Secretarg of the Interior, be 1******** P·*¤¤°· entitled to submit proof upon such claim and o tain patent therefor in her name in the form, manner, and subject to the conditions pre- ,,5 8** ‘°°‘ m' "‘ scribed in section twenty-two hundred and ninety-one of the Revised V¤L 37»v·m· Statutes of the United States and Acts supplemental thereto and {,’;gg·}·¤;k Mmmm amendatory thereof E Provided, That_1u such cases the wife shall be etc., required. required to show residence upon, cultivation, and improvement of the homestead by herself for suc time as when, added to the time during which her husband prior to desertion had complied with the law, would aggregate the full amount of _ residence, improvement and ¢§¤¢i¤¤=¤>b¤v¤¤*•¤· cultivation required btylaw: promdedfurther, That the published ` and posted notices o intention to submit final roof in such cases shall recite the fact that the proof is to be offered) and patent sought by applicant as a deserted wife, and, prior to its submission, notice thereof shall be served upon the husband of the applicant in such a manner and under such rules and regulations as the Secretary of the Interior shall prescribe. Approved, October 22, 1914; October 22, 1914. ""—'_""'

 CHAP. 336.-·An Act To amend section forty-four hundred and seventy-two of

{rama, 1:0.222.1 the Revised Statutes. Be it enacted by the Senate and H oase 0 Re esentatives o the United i>si¥”iiiir1;°7i°i;g:r¤1¤s States of America in Congress assembled, p'l"hat sectionf fort —four “’§‘f‘°§’_f"j,;,g’f°_§§,i,;f”§j hundre and seventy-two of the Revised Statutes of the Ilnited 8¤{,°g¤¤3g¤d¤diml_ Vol States of America_be, and the same is hereby, amended by adding s4,p.i04;'v’61.:@s.soZ thereto the follow1ngrp}1;ov1sion:_ _ . m_,“§*,“,;{£’ systfggg "Promdgd, however, at_noth1ng in the foregoing or following see-· mrmmee. tions of this Act shall prohibit the transportation and use b vessels carrying passengers or freight for hire of gasoline or any of the products of petroleum for the operation of engines to supply an auxiliary _ lighting and wireless system independent of the vessel s main power ,,§.§§`§l§Y‘°”S °° b° giant: PTOUid€d£7L7'¢h€T, That the transportation or use of such gaso- ' e or any of the products of petroleum shall be under such regulations as shall be prescribed by the board of supervising inspectors, with the approval of the Secretary of Commerce? Approved, October 22, 1914.