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770 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS: SnssL II. Rss. 10-13. 1914. _l€1>§?lgé·lgg;:1 gg fggéjgs gfoigg the employment by the President of the [;,;;, _’ min] In view of the facts presented by the President of the United States in his address delivered to the Congress in joint session on the twentieth day of April, nineteen hundred and fourteen, with regard to certain affronts and indignities committed against the United States in Mexico: Be it , mmm Resolved by the Senate and House of Rrf;£’N087b$Gt?;v€8 <g` the United Employment ol States of America in Congress assembled, at the President is justi- $*,}*1*; }g;§,‘},’,},‘f “°"' fied in the employment of the armed forces of the United States to enéorce his demand gm unequi§r1oc{.lna;m§néis for certain aifronts and . in ignities committe against the te tates. p¤§$ . Be it farther resolved, That the United States disclaims any hoswty to the Mexican people or any purpose to make war upon xico. ‘ Approved, April 22, 1914. .s2s,m14. o. .Rm.Ra .. .hm . T§__—..~f_?l;$“;,’;°;,_] News §LiaZ°§1`E¤sw 6'$ZZ.TZ, n}"’...§f.¤.""T‘°‘“g °°'“‘“’ ‘*“ '°’ °"’°“°““’° “° "‘° Resolvedb·ytheSe1zatewndHm¢seqfRe entativesoftlae United §§§,,?,§},;,"§‘,‘{,‘·,,,"§,,, States of America tin _ Congress a t the unegpended ¤¤* mm balances of agiporopraatxons eretofore made for the Naval tation, New Orleans, uxsiaua, and not yet turned back into the Treasury, are hereby reappropriated and made available for expenditure at gnat Station for such purpose as the Secretary of the Navy may 'rect. Approved, April 25, 1914. __ ff$‘?&·‘%?f¤ _ ...'Eii.’s£! a?.‘§i‘p?.$°3f€»“§E1p$`&’a‘£2‘€L”»€9 $$.1 in ch'§Z§’g°f’i¤i§§‘i§Y§?.¥I°N§?· aa, {Pub. a•s.,N¤. 24.) New York. Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Yr§d¤_1*ggf¤¤°"°'** States of America 1Zn_ Congress assembled, That the Secretary of Agrixagggprjsglra {cr culture be, and he is hereby, authorized to make such exhibits as 2,,.; N,,§·.,k_ " "° may be convement_and practicable at the Exposition of Forest Products, to be held in Chicago, Illinois, April thirtieth to May ninth, mclusive, and the Exposition of Forest Products, to be held in New York New York, May twenty-Erst to May thirtieth, inclusive, nineteen hundred and fourteen, and there is hereby approplriated a sum necessary for these exhibits, not to exceed $10,000, the same to be paid out of any money in the general fund of the Treasury not otherwise appropriated. Approved, April 29, 1914.

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). Jgjlnt Resolution Designating the second Sunday in May as Mother';

`}i>a§I`i&;¤ij}z.T;·..5‘ Yr ¤¤ 0*0 ¢rr¤¤v¤¤¤¤- P"""*’“· Vlfhereas the service rendered the United States by the American gicoxthegn the greatest source of the country’s strength and inspira- Wherehs we honor_ourselves and the mothers of America when we do anything to give emphasis to the home as the fountain head of the State; and