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780 SIXTY—THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Res. 48-50. 1914. (;§t4}bel1igl,lg1:- [No, 43,] Joir;;1R¢£o1utioi; gp aiuthori??1fheNPresi<%ent£}1;o grant leave; of abssnee to • * ‘ c0mm]`@` 8 O1' B l1!'pOS8 0 HCCG ID. 811 [Pub. Res., No. 52.] éiggintmixit i§rl1d;1i0%T1?r(E?;§1\i;1ér;%§§!;‘>Ei1Brazil bgyinstructorg in naval stratlbgygand 08111 9 SV 8I . 1"°°"“"°· Whereas the Refpublic of Brazil has recently established the Naval War College 0 Brazil at R10 de Janeiro, Brazil and is desirous that two commissioned officers of the line of the Navy of the United States experienced in naval war college work be_perm.1tted to serve therein as instructors in naval strategy and tactics · and_ _ Whereas the United States of America wishes to show its friendly feeling for the Re ubhc of Brazil by complying with its desire: Now therefore belt Resolved by the Semte and Hmtsgegf Representatives of the United ggkdm for m_ States og America in Congress aesemb , That the President be, and he we or two rjsvyvyf- is here y, authorized, in his discretion, to grant leave of absence to $§§'§g§‘{,;_N° " not more than two commissioned officers of the line of the Navy of the United States to assist the Republic of Brazil as instructors in naval strategy and tactics in the Naval War College of Brazil, ui pursuance f ge be d be eh E detailed d th o anarrau mentto ma e tweensu 0 eersso an e Government of Brazil- and that such officers while absent on such B£P¤·¤°“°“ "°”' leave be and they are herebiv, authorized to accept from the Government of Brazil the said employment with compensation from the said

·- bG§`ii’.i’.3““t?.“tm..°’ PZ°"’J’JZ.‘{fZi1"‘5’tZ"‘“°t°1iZ§’i‘?fer‘$i”S*é’“ :0 as 8***:*

a a as si en m y e rmm . To the continuance of this work during such time as may be desirable, the President may have the power of substitution in case of the termination of the detail of an officer for any cause; and that the officers, while so absent in the service of the Republic of Brazil, wm gg; nsw. ¤¤¢·» shall receive no pay or allowances from the United States Government. Approved, October 13, 1914. fsfraéis 5213 M..“‘.°· *"·2.f .t‘2f‘£.2$“§2£‘..f ?§.‘1*$$r§i‘?.3"%¢‘§.°.;‘t22£ §§£;‘..°f“"°" °‘ "‘° ”°"" °‘ [Pub`R°s"N°`53`] Resolved by Senate and House ¢i;dR¥;:Iaentat·i·ves of the United Df§*§{,°}’:f, $§{§§,§§ States of Avrtenga tn. Ocmgrese assemb , t James Steele Cather- Sohegp. mppomm wood, of I.l.l1I10lS' George H. Wood, of Ohio; John C. Nelson, of 1~:¤m§° and mms. Indmna; Frederick J. Close, of Kansas; and Thomas S. Brid§hau:i of esa 2*&"‘%h*§‘°1’é.i1€3.i‘.$”£i%e?‘%3;°§§?..€i‘.i“&”°\‘?2‘.1°€.€3t‘§ ee 0* e u r· ers of thegUnited_States, to succeed Oscar M. Gottschall, of Ohio; William Warner, of M1SBO\l1:l; Murphy, of New Jersey, whose terms of office explired April twenty-first, mneteen hundred and twelve and Patrick . Barry, whose resignation as a member of the said board item. bi has been accepted, and John M. Holley, deceased: Provided, Said d,,,,,‘f,f“"°" P ’°’ board, after the passage of this resolution, shall be composed of seven mg-_§£é¤a»;¤d_4SZ· v- members, and four members shall constitute a quorum for the transac- ’ tion of business at any regular or special meeting thereof. Approved, October 19, 1914. Fererefi .,.£;“5;;;°.2. 3.;*::ssetzzixtcezs:.2:e:;i*1.z*;:z::s°.‘%.¤as;22£..·;,€¤ei:.*ets? [Pub. Res., Nc. 54.] third Congrws, second session, enacted into law in the Indian appro.iir§iati’on Act approved August first, nineteen hundred and fourteen, TT1;&;¤ civilized Resolved by the Senate and House <;f Re esentctives of the United Nazéembstitutedm States of America tn. Congress assembled, 'gat the Secretary of the mmnmmtos. Interior be, and he hereby 1s, authorized and directed to substitute