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782 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Rss. 51, 52. 1914. V;{_*§;I3°·y51g·738: mt shall be made out of the appropriations heretofore made for the acqui- 'p` sition of said real estate. _ _ 8""°"“‘° p“"’°”°" Each of the urchases made in pursuance of the provisions of this resolution shall) be deemed to be a separate transaction from any Pm muwm as other purchase made hereunder; mmmasuimes. No person who has, within the last five years, served on any_ commbsion or on any 'ury in any proceeding to condemn real estate m the District of Columbia shall be eligible to be a member of the commission herein prgvided for; neither shall any ex-Member of Congress or any Mem of Congress be a member of said commission. _ ,,,°},{'f&*°‘"°" °‘"‘ Each of the commissioners herein provided for shall, before entering upon the duties of the position state under oath (or afbrmation) that neither he nor any member of family owns or has a hen rggon any real estate, or has any financial interest whatever in any estate within the zone herein set out; and, further, that neither he nor an member of his famil has, since the institution of the court proceed}; ings hereinbefore refgrred to _, owned any stock in or bond of any corporation which owns land m said zone; and, further, that neither e nor any member of his family is the creditor of anyone who owns land in said zone; and, further, that neither he nor any member of his family is an officer of or has any stock in or bond of any bank, trust company, or other corporation which is the creditor of any person who owns real estate within said zone; and, further, that he IS not financially- indebted to any rson, firm or corporation which owns real estate in said zone, or wllibo has any loan to any person who owns real estate in said zone; and, further, that he is not indebted to or employed by any person firm, or corporation which owns or has a lien on real estate in zone; and, urther, that neither he nor an member of his family has, since the institution of the court proceeding hereinbefore referred to, accepted or used any pass or other form of free transportation upon any railroad or subsidiary thereof which owns, directly or indirect y, any real estate within said zone. “”'*"“'“"'* The members of said commission shall be aid, out of said appropnations and upon requisition of the Presidlent, a reasonable compensation for their services which shall be determined by agreement detween the Prewergtsgnd the inielmbegs of said commission before e enter upon e harge o their uties. ¤;°-;l.°$ M °°°°°"` 'lllnepaid commission may employ a clerk and a stenographer to assist in performing the work herein provided, if they eem such assistance necessary· but the compensation of neither the clerk nor the lstenographer shall exceed $5 a day while actually engaged in said ` AWS TQ- ·

ei»i$Wm` Alzllclgws to the extent they are in conflict herewith are hereby

repe . Approved, October 22, 1914. ?1ll?“ngY [No, 52.] Joint Itesolution Authorizingvthe President toeaéppoint del testoattend

 the Ninth Intematmnal Congress of   orld’s_Puuty F eration, tm   in the

·· (p:edSa;1n State ofCal1fom1a, July eighteenth to twenty-fourth, mneteen Resolved by and House Zjfegeaentatives of the United ";fig;_¤’¤P¤r¤v Fei- of America. in Congress assemb , at the President of the oonopmmuimma bmted States be, and he is hereby, authorized and respectfully re- "" guested to appoint delegates to attend and re resent the United tates at the i with lnternational Congress of the €Vorld’s Purit Federation, to be held m the city of San Francisco, State of Califbrnia, §{,°§‘x';m,_ Jnly egiateen to twentyzfourth, nineteen hundred and fifteen: Provided t no appropriation shall be granted at any time for eiipenses of delegates or or other expenses incurred in connection wi said congrem. Approved, October 22, 1914.