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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. Gus. 14·16. 1915. 795 suitable building, including fireproof vaults, heating and ventilating apparatus, tzgproaches, comgete, for the use and accommodation of the Um States tgost 0 ce and other governmental offices pt Texas, be, and e same is hereby, increased from $45,000 o , . Approved, January 16, 1915. · mn. F, · · · · · January m. 1915. try.,i.?..;§“..t“2.%1‘i2&m“££3£}°§°t’§.*$“..E?€,”2.°§‘“‘.a.’?T§.‘a?;2.?““°'““‘ _ x 1 (5, 0. Be it enacted by the Senate and House o Representatives of the United States of America in assembbif That the following greens ililriglitilgiltigiliii be, an they and their successors as trustees are declared to , the H%}{,{';?,§‘*;,€“,‘§,g?'°°· corporation of the King Theoloical Hall, established by Act of Con- ' gress approved January sevent , eighteen hundred and ninety-one, and the legal trustees thereof, namely: Alfred Harding, Randolph H._ McK1m, ltrchard P. Williams, George Williamson Smith, and myggéhggrywwuwy Wrlham C. Rrves. In such capacity said trustees, or their suc- ' cessors, are hereby authorized to convey all or any part of the real estate of said corporation, whether now owned or hereafter acquired. Saad trustees at any regular meeting, or ani special meeting called umwn ,,,d_,d,_ for that pmpose, may authorize any two of therr number to execute a glopd and sufficient deed of convieiyance of such real estate. mm vmcm e__trustees above named, or cir successors, may, if they shall deem 1t necessary; increase their number from time to time, and determine by by- w the number required to constitute a guorumz ,,,,,,,,”_ Promkled, That the whole number of trustees shall not excee fifteen. Li¤¤i¤ Approved, January 20, 1915. JE .sr3.2‘;¢¥h;*£§a.“"“““y;... ..sT.¥’5;?;‘?.‘i£TL°;m..t”£t’;e.“‘°“..d*,$i%‘i°§iF‘.§§?°..i?1 for other purposes. mans, Ne. my Be it enacted by the Senate and House of liepresewntativea of the United _ _ _ States of America in Oemgress assembled That the following sums are ,,,‘{,§§f,2{,,,‘{,$,',{f'°"""“ appropriated, out of any money in the_’l‘reasury not otherwise apiygopnated, to su ply urgent deficiencies in appropriations for the al V year nineteep Ihundre and fifteen and prior years, and for other purposes, name y: CIVIL SERVICE COMMISSION. mg;;g__#~rv¤~· <»¤· F n traveling e enses, including them of examiners 'l‘*¤Y•“·*•¤· °**‘—· °*· actiiilg uhtder ge direction olfpthe commission, and for expenses of I ` examinations and investigations held elsewhere than at Washington, $6,000. DEPARTMENT OF STATE. **·¤··¤¤¤·¤*·*‘=**=·*¤- P ent to Panama: To enable the Secretary of State to pa to *’°”°”’°· mm the igdgemment of Panama the third annual payment, due on Eeb- 1ii•T`$§i3=*8— m` ruary twentpl-sixth, nineteen hundred and fifteen, from the Government of the nited States to the Government of under article fourteen of the treaty of November eighteenth, nineteen hundred and three, $250,000. TREASURY DEPARTMENT. ,,,§`,,Q?“"" D°*’“"‘ Rarmen, Noam Canonma, nam- or nunmmes: For rent of ,*§g}J{*§,*g;l§é,Qém temporary quarters for the accommodation of Government officials, and moving expenses incident thereto, $1,200.