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800 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. IH. Cas. 19, 20. 1915. is hereby reserved and withdrawn from settlement,_ occupancy, or disposal under the laws of the United States, and said tract is dedicated and set a art as a public park for the benefit and enjo§ment of the peo le ol) the United States, under the name of the ocky mma. _ Mountam lsational Park: Provided, That the United States Reclama- ¤,i,l§;°Il§,‘$‘§,§}°“S°”i“ tion Service may enter upon and utilize for ilowage or other purposes any area within said park which may be necessary for the _ _ development and maintenance of a Government reclamation project. ,,£§§‘i,,°§Y““*°'”" Sec. 2. That nothing herein contained shall affect anly vali existin claim location, or entry under the land` laws of the nited States, wliether for homestead mineral, right of way, or any other purpose whatsoever, or shall aflect the rights of any such claimant, ocator, $§_l‘§,°§_'73,{‘ or entryman to the full use and enjoyment of his land. Whenever consistent with the primary purposes of the park the Act of February ffteenth, nineteen hundred and one, applicable to the location of rights of way in certain national plarks and the national forests for irrigation and other p , sha be and remain applicable to the lands included withm thi; park. The Secretary of the Interior may, in his discretion and upon such conditions as he may deem wise, grant easements or rights o way for steam, electric, or similar trans- _ portation umn or across the park. n§§§§g‘{,d_°"“°““’¤ Sm. 3. T t no lands located within the park boundaries now held in privagle, mimicipal, 0;- Sgt; ownership shall be affected by or subject to e revisions o t ct. $°§§f“°“ °‘ °°°‘ Sm. 4. That the said park shall be under the executive control of ' the Secretary of the Interior, and it shall be the duty of the said executive authority as soon as practicable, to make and publish such reasonable rules and regulations, not inconsistent with the laws of the United States, as the said authority may deem necessary or proper for the care, protection, management, and improvement of the same, the said regulations being primarily aimed at the freest use of the said park for recreation urposes b the public and for the preservation of the natural comgtions ancfrscemc beauties Leasestoraecommo- thereof. The said authority may, in his discretion, execute leases to °°"°‘“ °' "$“°“*°'°‘ parcels of ground not exceeding twenty acres in extent in any one place to any person or company for not to exceed twenty ears whenever such ground is necessary for the erection of estalllishments for the accommodation of visitors, may grant such other necessary privileges and concessions as he deems wise for the accommodation of visitors and may likewise arrange for the removal of such mature or dead or down timber as he may deem necess and advisable for the protection and im rovement of the park.m"l"he regu- _ lations governing the Ppark shallpinclude provisions for the use of rgaqso. automo iles therein: rovided, That no appropriation for the main- ,,,},‘,ff*"°“ °"""°""°' tenance, supervision or improvement o said park in excess of $10,000 annually shall be made unless the same s all have first been expressly authorized by law. Approved, January 26, 1915. ]ml§lyZ§?·lm5- CHAI'. 20.-—An Act To create the Com Guani by combining therein the existing [Public, Ng zggq Life-Saving Service and Revenue-Cutter Service. Be it enacted the Senate and H¢me;o{Regjesenmtives of the United gcgcmcxggim d States of America fm Congress aasemb T t there l be estabweswing S.m,,§‘},, lished in lieu of the existing Revenue-Cutter Service and the Life- °°‘°P°°°· S@V1]1%lS6I'Y1C§, to be composed of those two existing organizations, with the emsting offices and positions and the incumbent officers and men of those two services, the Coast Guard, which shall constitute a part of the military forces of the United States and which shall operate under the Treasury Department in time of peace and operate as