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806 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 23. 1915. wgzaof ·¤°°•**¤ at the post_to which he shall have been appointed or assigned, he rz. s.,'se¤. mss, p. shall be entitled to receive, m addition to salary as secretary of “°‘$,=,§Y“§§fd,‘f;,73_ embass or legation, compensation equal to the difference between such sahrry an fifty per centum of the salary provided by law for the vice ewes. ambassador or mimster at such post; and or such time as any vice ,,§n‘}‘§{f,{,‘,§}’,§,f P"' consul shall be law*fully_authorized to assume charge of a consulate general or consulate during the absence of the prmcrpal officer at the »post to which he shall have been appointed or assigned, he sha.ll_be entitled to receive, m addition to his regular salary or compensation as a subordinate consular officer or employee, compensation equal to the difference between such salary or compensation and fifty per centurir of tihe salary provided by law for the principal consular officer at suc pos ." ra r »· pooh! duty Sec. 4. That a secretary consul eral, or consul of whatever class ""°“'{'°g's “m“‘°""‘ detailed for special duty dutside olplsxhe city of Washington shall be paid his actual and necewary expenses for subsistence during such

 slpecial detail not exceeding $5 per day: Promkied, That such special

L*“""“""‘ uty shall not continue for more than sixty days unless in the case of international gatherggs, congresses, or conferences, when such subsistence expenses sh run only durm the life of the international gathering, congress, or conference, as the case may be. Promotions nag Spc. 5. That the_Secretary of State is directed to report from time '"‘°`°°°° to time to the President, alongmwith his recommendations for promotion or for transfer between department and the foreign service, the names of those secretaries in the Diplomatic Service and the names of those consular officersor departmental officers or erngo ees who by reason of eiiicrent service, an accurate record of whi _ be kept m the De&artment of State, have demonstrated eili— crency, and also e_names of persons found upon examination to have iitness for appomtment to the lower grades of the service. Diplomatic and oou- Sec. 6. That section sixteen hundred and seventy-four of the m" _ Revised Statutes is hereby amended to read as follows: agus? °**¤¤”’°¤= f‘S1gc. 1674. That the official designations employed throughout wiz. s., s§:&1674, p. ttlnsltitle shall be deemed to have e following meanings, respec- , SIDED · ‘v0 : °°&>y_¤¤ ¤°¤°¤**· ·°° "I•yirst. _‘Consul general’ and ‘consul’ shall be deemed to denote fultlbpirilgcipal, aind gaeligiizapent consular officers as distinguished from su a es an su 1 u es. °°“'”“""""‘ "Second. ‘ Qonsular agent' shall be deemed to denote consular ofiicfars subgrdinate to sugh (principals exercising the powers vested ir; zh m andperforming the utiesdjppscribed for them by regulation o _ e IS 1 ent agcptpsts or erent from those at which such prmc a are oca , respec ive y. "*=• ¤·>¤¤¤’·*· ‘\;iee c¢;1nsuls’ be deemed atgddgrggfte consuE· oflieers su _ a e_ o suc rincipa exercising ormm' g d f wrthm the limits of tlllerr consulates at the same or at different and places from those at which the principals are located, except that when vice consuls take charge of consulates general or consulates when e en econsuaro cerswo - .**.:¤;·¥¤.;*::r:;·:s:.‘:.*;*;“£B::mP°*·*1’y **2.2**** M was sm sy ¤»-»»·~»~·»·. *¤¢¢:s.*.°m...P°fa*.i;;i:°“§ah°*¢1mr*si$°°¤2§S.g°a*i'sr¤°S`iS..·“8,I.· . ar cer-_ eem omcue o ` §&emIlét<;¢;sm1;lls&;1(c;S<l;i>mr;lséé;;iterp1r(iatem m zlcinsular offices, §udent . , ar s, a none o ers. D`°l°“‘°"° °m°°" " Diplomatic officer’ shall be to include ambassaélors, envoys raordmary, ers em , ‘ ‘ g ‘ g commissioners, charges d’affaires,PagenIl;•s, d1edr·dt5i».dl;s1Ih1f§d%rh;Sb£y iiid mmm! leglaflion, and secretaries m the Diplomatic Service, and none others." d e offices of v1ce_ consul general, deputy consul general, and eputy consul are abolished.