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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. Cus. 23-25. 1915. 807 Sec. 7. That no ambassador, minister, minister resident, diplomatic ,0l§{§’}j’,"§§}1° gfllgg agpilft, or secretary in the Diplomatic Service of any grade or class shall, 1»¤s¤a=s,¤m.,x¤ emmw e he holds his office, be interested in or transact any business as a E?,d;{$.i_ °"‘i°° °°' merchant, factor, broker, or other trader, or as an agent for any such person to , from, or within the country or countries to which he or the chief of his mission, as the case ma be, is accredited, either in his own name or the name or through the agency of any other person, nor shall he, in such_ country or countries, practice as a lawyer for compensationor be interested m the fees or compensation o any lawyer S0Smwt§c1}l1'hatthisAtshaHtak if t th d ft lb I'“‘°°°" mc. . c ee ec on e a o isa rova 1,,,,,,,,,;,,,, ,,, the President, when all Acts or parts of Acts Iivith thi; P••*°°· wm Act are repealed. Approved, February 5, 1915. (!EA1’.24.—AnActExwn' oreamesm m1e‘ 1 err acres F• Mm the Delaware River authorized (blylgan Act entitled Aiglmto°au$ Penn- sylvania Railroad Company and the Pennsylvania and Newark Railroad Company, (P¤¤ll°· No- 243-I or_ their sucoessom, to construct, maintain, and operate a bridge acres the Delaware River/’ approved the twenty-fourth day of August, nineteen undred and twelve. Be it e1uwtedlrytheSe1wteandHau.seo Re esentativeso the United States of America in Congress a.ssembled{ThI:i.'t the time at the com- ¥°;,}.?§'§'§t§’,*X§‘ fg pletion of the bridge now in course of construction across the Dela- ¤gg§j - ware River, which the Penns lvania Railroad Company and the §¤¤)y,etc.,•t rmum, Pennsylvania and Newark Radroad Company, or their successors, was-;,,_¤_ were authorized to construct, maintain, and opcerate by an Act entitled "An Act to authorize the Pennsylvania ailroad Company _ and the Pennsylvania and Newark Railroad Compan , or their successors, to construct, maintain, and operate a bridge across the Delaware River," approved the twenty- ourth day of August nineteen hundred and twelve, be, and the same is hereby, extended for a period of on;-year from twenty-fourth day of August, nineteen Pmm hundred and teen: Provided, Tha in all other respects said bridge c¤¤m¤c¢s¤¤,m. shall be completed and shall be maintained and <§>erated in acco - VOL 3,,p_ M ance with the provisions of the Act entitled “An ct to regulate the construction of bridges over na·v?able waters," approved March twenty-third, nineteen hundred an six. Amndmm Sec. 2. That the right to alter, amend, or repeal this Act is hereby ° expressly reserved. Approved, February 6, 1915. CHAP. .— Ac uth ri i theS of the Interiortosurve thelands F°b"°°"%515l mz" of the aba?1?ione‘l:1ForitAAmi1¢in?b:>1i;ne Miliggerytjtieservation and open tlib same to -J§i——J-———-— settlement. LP¤¤¤¢· N¤· 244-1 Be itenaded ”t6S61tGt8G7l·dHOLt880 Re entativesof the United r States of Ammwlcgz in Congress asaembledc Tglsthe Secretary of the uxliiidry iiiluiwiiiosinil Interior is herelg authorized and directed to immediately cause to be *3%,.,, .,;;,,,.,5 in, surveyed all of e lands embraced within the limits of the abandoned Fort Assinsniboine Military Reservation, in the State of Montana. _ _ _ Sec. 2. That before said lands are opened to entry the Secretarypf ,,E,{,"s§§f,§§°§,,"{?;,,,§"i the Interior shall have said lands classified by an inspector or special ¤¤¤¤¤¤· agent of the Department of the Interior into four classes—lirst, Bg1’1· cultural lands; second, timber lands· third, coal lands- and fourth, mineral lands—and in making such classification all lands suscefptible of cultivation that do not contain in excess of iift thousand eet of merchantable timber to the forty·acre tract shall be classified as