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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. C11. 25. 1915. 809 Sec. 6. That the Thirteenth Le lative Assembl of the State of $**9 °‘ md wd Montana having enacted a law fg? the purpose oi establishing an iii>i¤dv?»ii t° Sim °‘ agricultural, manual training, or other educational or public institution u(pon the present site of Fort Assinniboine Montana, duly agpprove by the (governor of Montana and to be in full force and effect ter the fourth ay of July, nineteen hundred and thirteen, and upon the transfer to the State of Montana by the President of the United States of two thousand acres of land, situate in said abandoned Fort Assmmboine Reservation and embracing the military buildin at said abandoned fort, except the lguardhouse at said post; the ged- 'I`”’“'°'·°*°· dent of the United States is here y authorized and directed to transfer, grant, and set over to the State of Montana all right, title, and mterest of, in, and to the said two thousand acres 0 land hereby reserved, embracing the buildings at Fort Assinniboine, except the guardhouse at said post, upon payment therefor by the State o Montana to the United tates of the sum of $2.50 per acre: Provided, That §gg'£°,,;,¤ the State of Montana shall be required to make its selection of two ` gicipsand acres within one year from the date of the passage of this c . Sec. 7. That sections sixteen and thirty-six of the land in each ,,°€‘,§’,?},‘{},°§‘,,'?,,;,‘§’,§,Y°"‘“ township within said abandoned Fort Assinniboine Military Reservation, except; those portions thereof classified as coal or mineral lands, shall reserved for the use of the common schools of the . State of Montana, and are hereby granted to the State of Montana: _ Provided, That the State may, if 1 so elects within one year from {g;‘;°,:nm 0, m_ the date of the Spassage of this Act, accept subject to the reservation aeecmeixmas. m the United tates of the coal deposits therein the portion of said sections sixteen and thirty-six classified as coal lands in full satisfaction of the grant herein made for common schools: ldromkled, That t§§,E°‘”“”’ “·°1°°' for all lands lost to the State because classified as coal or mineral P§i§—~*°°*”’5·¤"°· indemnigy may be taken as provided for in sections twenty-two •h'l1I1- ' dred an seventy-five and twent —two hundred and seventy-six of Mm, Hamm the Revised Statutes: And provided, That there is hereby reserved Homestead may ai. for homestead entry by Mary A. Herron, or her heirs, subject to the 1°‘”°° *"‘ terms of this Act, the following described land upon said reservations: Northwest quarter of northeast quarter o section twenty- eight; west half of southeast quarter, northeast quarter of southeast uarter, section twenty-one, township thirty-two, rang fifteen east: Rmmm u mt W Provided further, That in case of fa` ure of Mary A. erron, or her mei. heirs, to make entry within six months from the date of the passage of this Act, the lands will become subject to settlement and entry_m accordance with the provisions of section four of this Act, the price to be fixed by the period of entry reckoned from the date o the gxpiration of the reservation in favor of Mary A. Herron and her eirs. Sec. 8. That the lands shall be opened to settlement and entry by ,,,,*§,{,‘,§§}°‘“°“°" °' proclamation of the President, which proclamation shall prescribe the manner in which the lands mpg be settled upon, occupied, and entered by persons entitled to m e entry thereon; and n0_Herson shall be permitted to settle upon, occupy, or enter any of said land except as pirhescribed in said proclamation. _ _ t_ Sm. 9. at there is here y appropriated, out of any money m the ,,,§§§§"“ ‘°° '°' Treasury not otherwise appropriated, the sum of $20,900, or so much thereof as may be necessary, or the survey and classification of said lands and for the expenses incident to their opemng to settlement and entry, and for the care of said buildings. Approved, February 11, 1915.