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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. C1-rs. 28-30, 44. 1915. 811 Company to construct, maintain, and operate a bridge across the Mississippi River at Memphis, Tennessee, ’ a proved August twenty- third, nmeteen hundred and twelve, amending an Act of a similar title approved July twentieth, nineteen hundred and twelve, be, and the same is hereby, extended for a period of one ear from the twenty- · third dads; of August, nineteen hundred and fifvteen: Provided, That §,'{’,,"‘f,,'{;m,,,_ in all o er respects the said bridge shall be completed, maintained, V¤¤-34, 1>·¤4· and operated III accordance with the provisions of an Act entitled "An ct to regulate the construction of bridgis over navigable waters," appgoved March twenty-third, nineteen imdred and six. Sec. 2. t the right to alter, amend, or repeal this Act is hereby A”‘°"°“‘°"°‘ expressly reserved. Approved, February 15, 1915. CHAP. 29.—·An Act To authorize the Secretary of the of the United F°{’§?°££gg1°' gtgtveg the present old post office and the site thereof in the city of Jersey City, Be it enacted the Senate and House of Re entatives o the United ,,,,6 cn _N_ L States of Amer&e‘d/ in Congress assembled, Thaztlriisgon the coépletion of m%·;gt<_§l·gl¤{¤;r•gBy,¤¤ the new Federal building at Jerse&cCity, New ersey, and 1tS occu- ` pancy by the United States, the reta.ry of the Treasuiy is hereby authorized, in his discretion, to offer at public sale, ter proper advertisement, the present old dpost office and site in said city, and sell the same to the highest an best bidder; to execute a quitclaim _ deed to the purchaser thereof, and to deposit the Hroceeds of said sale in the Trea.s1u·_§_l: the United States as a misce aneous receipt: pmqss. Provvkled, however, t the said property shall not be sold for less ’“’““"“" ""°°‘ than the sum of $25,000. Approved, February 17, 1915. CHAP. 30.-——An Act To increase the limit of cost of the United States post-office F`}l{£”f{?,%8§??5’ building and site at Saint Petersburg, Florida. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Re entatives o the United Sm, 1,,,,,,],,,, , States of America in Congress assembled, 'I`hdl:”tghe limit offbost of the Nami, 0, lm 1; United States post-office building at Saint Petersburg, Florida, be, mma, puma meand the same is hereby, increased from $80,000 to $115,000, of which ‘”€»f‘,§j 3,,, ,,_ ,8,, vu, not to exceed $12,500 may be expended for additional land for the 3% ¤·¤<*¤- enlargement of the present site, payment for such additional land .to be made from any sums heretofore appropriated for the construction of said building. Approved, February 17, 1915. cus:. 44.—An Act To make rsmtms, North Darts, sport through which *`°"';’,;'g,§g‘°"‘· merchandise may be imported for transportation without appraisement. Be it enacted the Senate and House o Re esentatives o the United States of 1l)ymer·iea in Congress assemblcd, 'lzliat the privileges g`%iii£, N.d1?ak., of the first section of the Act approved June tenth, eighteen hundred {,'Z'.§Sp°nL'2§,§‘,°p,?$§ and eighty, governing the immediate transportation of dutiable ‘°§,°f_,_m P_ m_ merchandise without agpraisement be, and the same are hereby, ’ extended to the port of embina, North Dakota. Approved, February 23, 1915.