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64 SIXTY·THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 3. 1913. ·'¤¤¤k¤ 5******** _ Alask fur-s al fi herie . rotection and support: For rotecf miiiming mum the sealalhsheiilizs ofSAlasliaF including the furnishing of Food, f1l:E F°°‘“° “’“"°s’°°°‘ clothing, and other necessities of life to the natives of the Pribilof Islands of Alaska, transcportation of supplies to and from the islands Expenses umm traveling expenses an subsistence or caretakers while on said uestycbligations- islands, and for all other exlpenses necessuiy to carry out the pro- V¤L 3’·P· ·*°°- visions of the Act approved ugust twenty- ourth, nineteen hun and twelve, entitled ‘ An Act to 've effect to the convention between the Governments of the Unitedgl States, Great Britain, Japan, and Russia for the preservation and fprotection of the fur seals and sea ottgrpwgich freqp&nt the wagers 0 the riprth Paci’dq1Oi:ean, conclgiged at as mgton y sevent , nineteen nm an even " r s°°“°° °°°“"°S“ the protection of the salmon iisheries of Alaska, ilicludiiig atliavid, hxre of boats, employment of tem rary labor, and all other nec

 connected therewith, $75,000, one·half to be immediately

nsuneuuenaus E , a °‘ . . . For the construction of two steel cars for the distribuuon of useful food fishes to take the place of cars numbered two and five, obsolete and unsafe, $30,000.

 m For pverhauling and making necessary repairs to the steamer Alba—

tross, mcluding new work where necessary, and equi ment, $40,000. ,_°'“* B"‘*°*“ ml For payments to be made to Great Britain an Jiipan under the m§gq§;mwnmt terms of article eleven of the convention for Slrotection and preservd, 3'[,p_ 544, vation of the fur seal and sea otters in lieu of eir share of sealskins for the seasons of nmeteen hundred and twelve and nineteen va. a1,p.m. hun an thirteen, and m accordance with the Act of August tproenty-foxigih, nmetet;1 hupdrrglchmd twqlgai to givq effect to the a ve-nam conven n, o am $20, shall Um be telylava.1lable, $40,00géh mm 6 Sum 0 000 3 H cu_ 0l‘·6€§t8 entofa ulturaltti `thSttef mgiswiiiii dish I Utah, including purchase of site, concstructionsoi bliiildliiigs sind fiend; gpc(l}§<1}11;§:;;n’t;1aitisJ•;nbi;ars1:;gb(l30pomt to be selected by the Secretary u§§;iE?§?é°;ai.zt¢m- fFqr the eqtabltishmeii1{s)1q§l&iinlish—cu‘lturalds;tation,· including purchase o .81 e, cons ruc ion o gs an pon , and equipment at some suitable pomt in the State of Rhode I l d, to be l t ll b h§£§@;, sm_,,eg,s_ Secretary of Commerce and Labor, $25,0(l0liDPr0mHed, Flghiitt lgeforle agi; ¤· steps shall have been taken_ for the construction of a fish-cultural station m accordance with this Act, the State of Rhode Island glgqggléoappmpmte leiagiilgitrye action,_ shall accord to the United _ h to mxénssioner o her1es and his duly authorized ents the rig t con act fish hatching and all operations connectedutiierewith 111 any manner and at any time that ma b them be considered necmpemm e:5311gg&a1r:gn;ém]2a;·,iarzry0;if?(§1e•3;·5fflLa‘twhs;pf '1f%;St:ti}t\e to the contra? nothatchery may be suspended by the Secretm; (bliergdiiigerbe liiiil Ii1abiq;hwherl;i;iyer,t;ni his {Eiigment, the laws and regulations affecting e es c iva are owed to remain so inadequate as to ' the efficiency of said hatchery. mpm ¤*¤¤¤¤¤¤¢¤¤$- MISCELLANEOUS onmcrs, nmranmmm or commncn Arm Lnnon. g nt m°i°”S` mmoiwrxon sryrions. mm ""'““°*N·Y· Immigration station Ellislsl d N Y B°“°""$‘*°‘°· For construction fi fire ailliuildewing Ork Harbor: · cagpenter shop, bak:1£y?andldf<(i1(?age, $50,000)? number one Island for $6%{¢3)1(36:;>nstruction 0 new story on southeast of main building, _ or_ renovating interior of old h °tal ‘ mcluding new plumbing and sanitary0iils)llings(ixIi1dui1li$vb§1o0i·l;»v;0$21;l!d|!(li)1;