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812 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. Cris. 54-57. 1915. F¤5§ua£y1$;&é%15. CHAP. 54.-An Act To regulate details of majors in the Ordnance Department. {rum, No. 251-1 Be it enactedby the Senate and House of Representatives of the United {-,3*g,g 0, mm, in States of America in Congress assembled, That majors may be detailed oreixggngenepsnmeut in the Ordnance Department, under section twenty-six of the Act mg70l.?iIlp.755. approved February second, mneteen hundred_an one, and Acts 4M¢»v-351 amendatory thereof, without a compulsory period of service out of ' that department. Approved, February 24, 1915. February 24,1915. CHAP. 55.-An Act To make Nyando, New York, a port through which merchan- [H· R- 17982-} dise may be imported for transportation without appraisement. u=· bli ,1~z .252.1 _ u C 0 Be it enacted gin the Senate and House eif Re esentatives of the §,*$;¤l*:,S;) N_ Y_ United States of merica in Congress assembled, ight the privileges p-mes r¤r§¤ea'm_é of the first section of the Act approved June tenth, eighteen hundred l,"§§"°'°“"°" P""' and eighty, governing the immediate transportation of dutiable °¤·21»P·173· merchandise without a;p§raisement, be, and the same are hereby, exgended § téiebport 024 ylzrigo, New York. pprov , e mary , . Ferégrséylgkgsans. b tgz.-An Act '1‘o increase the limit of cost of the United States post-omce ·' · · a ymour, a. {mens, N .2ss; _ . 0 Be it enactedby the Senate and House ofakspresentatives of the United §_°u>;g°*{;·I:gé, ,n_ States of America in Congress assembled, 'Dhat the limit 0 cost of the mms, public mm- United States post-office building at Seymour, Indians, be, and the mgm. same is hereby, increased $15,000, or so much thereof as may be necessary to meet the additional cost of construction of said building by the substitution of stone mstead of brick with stone trimmings, as specified 111 the existing specification. Approved, February 24, 1915. F°b*’?;¤';_,,§_gj 19*5- f CHAP. 51%-—A1i Act Teflprovide {lor th ap{gde11rol%hment of vegsphis ._..;..m.. ore coun es w en suc vesse s ave coasts ' (Pubns, No. zu.] Statlgloijber poqemigpp or adjacent waters anvdT:1ved0liy imericanocitiiiendu and Bm _Be it enacted the Senate and House of Representatives of the United

  • ’°"‘8· States of America in Congress assemb , That section fort -one hundred endl thu(ity-six ag the Rgvised Etatutes of the United7 States be

_ reenacte an revise to rea as fo 0ws: ,d“g’,§{f,Q,'§;,?,Q§;j”f}2_”;; "S1=;c. 4136. The Secretary of Commerce may issue a register or i•;é¤iNgsur¤h·¤se<1 by enrollment for_ any vessel wrecked on the coasts of the United States rt, Bf, Sm 4136, ,,_ or her possessions or adjacent waters, when purchased by a citizen "’%0';gjj*gf‘{,_ or citizensof the United States and thereppon repaired in a shipyard inttlite Enitecl Sltatgsg orther ppsgissions, lslhag be proved to the _ ~ sa is ac ion 0 e cre ary 0 mmerce e eems it necess V“"‘° °‘ '°Pm”· through a board of three apgraisers ajgpointed by him, that the PWM. rgpairs put upon such vesse are eq,}1 to three times the appraised axpesseozsppmsen. s ved value of the vessel: Provided, hat the expense of the ap raisal hmmm for me herein provided for shall be borne by_the owner of the vesseii Promos. vided further, That if any of the material matters of fact sworn to or represented by the owner, or at his instance, to obtain the register of any vessel are not_true, there shall be a forfeiture to the United States of the vessel in reslpect to which the oath shall have been made, together with tacks , apparel, and furniture thereof." Approved, February 24, 1915.