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818 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. C11. 74. 1915. Sale °°°-· °' dm, da of Janu , nineteen hundred and sixteen, it_ shall be unlawful giaaiiriiieliiireiiyriiiiawrur in the consugliydistricts of the United States in China for any_person °fE?§,l°f,`}`§,'§_1’l°1°‘ whose permanent allegiance is due to the United States not licensed U as a pharmacist within the meaning of this Act to conduct or manage any pharmacy, drug or chemical store, apothecary_ shop, or other lace of business for the retailing, compounding, or_d1spensing of any drugs, chemicals, or poisons, or for the compounding of phys1c1ans’ prescriptions, or to keep exposed for sale at retail, any drugs, chemicals, or poisons, except as hereinafter provided, or, except as hereinafter provided for any lperson whose permanent allegiance IS due to the United States not censed as a pharmacist jwrthrn the meanmg of this Act to compound, dispense, or sell, at retail, any drug,_chem1- cal, poison, or pharmaceuti preparation uppnthe prescription of a physician, or otherwise, or to compound p ysicrans’ prescriptions, except as an aid to and under the prepler supervision of a pharmacist ¤¤9¤¤¤d¤ licensed under this Act. And: rt sh be unlawful for any person l°°°”°dm °r°s' firm, or corporation owing permanent allegiance to the mted States owning partly or wholly or managing a pharmacy, drug store, ·or other lace of business to cause or (permit any person other than a licensed) pharmacist to compound, pense, or sell at retail any hmm drug, medicine, or poison except as an ard and under the proper aammica on cm- supervision of a licensed pharmacist: Promded, That where _1t rs “°° °’“l’l°Y°"“· necessary for a person, firm, or corporation whose permanent allegiance is due to the United States and owning partly or wholly or managing a pharmacy, drug store, or other place of business to employ Chinese su jects to compound, drsplernlse, or sell at retail any drug, medicine, or poison, such person, , corporation, owner, part owner, or manager of a harmacy, store, or_other place of may employ such (Eunese subjects when their character, ability and age of twenty-one years or over have been certified to by at least two recognized and reputable Iractitioners of medicine, or two pharmacists licensed under this ct whose permanent allegiance is due to rayraaauwaurisu, the United States: Promkled further, That nothing in this section L‘,§l,,§f’°°"“d°“s °" shall be construed to interfere with any recognized and reputable practitioner of medicine, dentistry, or veterinary surgery in the compounding of his own prescriptions, or to prevent him from supplying to hi]-inpatients such medicmes as he may deem proper, except as wnuam umm. here` ter provided; nor with the exclusively who esale business of any person, firm, or co oration whose permanent allegiance is due to the United States Idhaling and licensed as harmacists, or having in their employ at least one person who is so licensed, except sa1»rcravt•,¤tc. as hereinafter provided; nor with the sale by persons, iirms, or corporations whose permanent allegiance is due to the United States other than pharmacists of poisonous substances sold exclusive] for use in the arts, or as insecticides, when such substances are sold in unbroken pack es bearing labels having plainly printed upon them the name ei? the contents, the word " poison," when practicable tlne lname elf at least one suitable antidote, and the name and address o the ven er. pilgrimage. I Sec. _2. That every person whose permanent allegiance is due to u,,,,‘§,§s_‘°“ '°“ °' the United States now practicing as a pharmaeist or esirmlg to practice as a upharmacrst m the consular districts m China sha file with the cons an application, duly verified rmder oath, settin forth the name and age o the applicant, the place or places at which he pursued and the time spent in the study o pharmac , the experience which the applicant as had in compounding physicians prescriptions under the direction of a licensed harmacist, and the name and location of the school or college of plliarmacy, if any, of which he is a graduate, and shall submit evidence sufficient to show to the satisaction of said consul that he is of good moral character and not addicted to the use of alcoholic liquors or narcotic drugs so as to