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S20 SIXTY·THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. Cris. 74. 1915. of i ecac and opium, commonly known as l}over’s powder, when soldp in quantities not exceeding twenty grains: Provided further, R·¤m¤¤¤¤ ¤¤ was That the provisions of this section shall not be construed to permit `°h°°`t"°1°""”` the selling, furnishing, giving away, or prescribing for the use of any habitual users of the same an cocaine, salts of cocaine, or preparation containing cocaine or salyts of cocaine, or morphine or sa ts of morphine, or preparations containing morphine or salts of morphine, or any opium or preparation gontsomling dloptrgum, }prtaoKi§hloral_hydript1o P¤¤¤¤**1>**¤¤¤'°* or re aration containing c ora a . u roviso s a "°°"°°"` p°"""t°"` notPbe`l:onstrued to prevent any recolgnized or reputable? practitioner of medicine whose permanent allegiance is due to the United States from furnishing in good faith for the use of any habitual user of narcotic drugs who is xmder his professional care such substances as he may deem necessary for their tgreatmlens, prhenlpuch prescrip; tions are not `ven or su tanccs urnis e or the cse o 8“°“°‘°°"°°· evading the prglvisions of this section. But the provisiclirilsl") of this section shall not ap ly to sales at wholesale between jobbers, manufacturers, and retag druggists, hospitals, and scientific or public . institutions. $*1** <•¥ d wd Sec. 7. That it shall be unlawful for an erson, Erm, or corporal`°"`°"`° ""`°`$$'m tion whose permanent allegiance is due td, isis United States to sell or deliver to any other person any of the following—described substances, or any pplisonous compoxmd, combination, or preparation thereof, to wit; e compounds of and salts of antunony, arsenic, barium, chromium, copper, gold, lead, mercury, silver, and zmc the caustic hydrates 0 sodium and potassium, solution or water of ammonia, meth l alcohol, paregorrc, the concentrated 4 mineral acids, oxalic and hydrocganic acids and their salts, yellow phosphorus, Pa.ris green, car olic acid, the essential oils of almonds, pennyroyal, tansy, rue, and savin; croton oil, creosote, chloroform, cantharidos, or aconite, belladonna, bitter almonds, colchicum, cotton {loot, cocculus_indicus,lclori1;um, cannabis indical: digatalis, ergot, yosc amus, ignatra, o e a, nux vomica, t1gm` a, phytolacca, sltrlplphanthus, stramonium, veratrum viridli, lhsrimany of the poisonous aloids or alkaloidal salts derived from the foregoing, or any other poisonous alkaloids or their salts, or any other virulent poison, except in the manner following, and, moreover, if the applichat be less than kliighteenbyplars (pf age, exc?3 upon the written o ero a erson ownor `eve to eana t. ,,,§:§g,Q°¤¤ P°'m”‘ It shall Erst be learned, by due inquiry, that the person to whom ' delivery IS about to be made is aware of the oisonous character gf thoxsalfstancetznd thaltéai; is fpm l8iW£:1{ ]é11r·po§e,haud the ox e,oro er ac es e aee wit tename of the substance, the`iword "Poison," like nalme of at least one suitable antgd-pits, when practicalge, and thehnamom and addriieilsi ozéf the umraarsuassrc. erson, , or co ration is ns` the su tance. ore delivery be made "dloany of th; fliigegoirxg substances, excepf solution or water of ammonia and sulphate of copper, there sl§§ be recorded in a book keplt for that purpose the name of the article, the quantity dehvered, the pugpose for which it is to be used, the date of delivery, the name an of the person for whom it _ is procured, and the name of the mdividual personally dispensing Emmimx the same; and said book shall be preserved by the owner thereo for at least three years after the date of the last entry therein. The foregoing provisions shall not apply to articles dispensed upon the order of persons beheved by_ the disdpenser to be recognized and reputable ractitioners of medicine, entistry, or veterinary surgery: {,*;*;*;*3, be, Providgd, That when a physician writes upon his prescription a quasi, ° "' request that it be marked or labeled "Poison" the pharmacist shall, in the case of liquids, place the same in a colored glass, roughened bottle, of the kind commonly known in trade as a "poison bottle,"