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66 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 3. 1913. ' tol ,tel h eserviceinofficesoutsideof the D;£19<?li'l??sColun·§1.Pi‘1ld?:mm exi:l;e¢(ln$3,800 for rent of offices outside of the District of Cdlumbia where suitable quarters can not be ob- ..r&@°° ‘°° °‘°’*' tamed in P“bH° buiitw: wgigor die P“'éP°S? 2£“¤Y{¤%;¤;Ql:gr°;“, ven. .mo. ti thirteen f cto une wen —mn nme e M gfrcd (Thirty-iiourth Statutes, e snxlmndreii), as amended by V°" °°""°°°‘ the Act approved June twenty-iiftlli? nmeteen hundred and ten, and that the expenditures from this appropriation shall be in the manner and under epoch iéegxlggons as the Secretary of Commerce and Labor mm Kanihla mgilblpay to for information that led to the collection ""°"""'“ '°°‘ of $3,000 in penalties from the Bloomsburg Silk Mills, of Look Haven, Pennsylvania, for importing aliens under contract, in violation of the immigration laws, $1,000. ¤¤r¤¤¤¤fB¤¤°¤*°¤· ammo or- s·raNn.uu>s. “`°’*¤*’°P·°‘°· h For the construction of a suitable flreproof workshop and storeouse, $45,000. 1>¤1>¤r¤¤¤¤¤¤f¤¤*¤· UNDER THE DEPARTMENT OF STATE. °•¤=d*·¤C *’°_,,,“"""’,,,,,, Iivrnniw J C mnssrox Umm Srratrns mn Gnnxr wdliirxes md ¤- Bnrram: l"1oI1€)§allLarie(eiI¢;l'n;rd gpenses, including salaries of commission- ’°”’°"" ers, salaries of clerks, and other emgaloyees aolpomted by the commissioners on the part of the United tates wit the approval solely of the Secretary of State, including rental of offices s;tb0Vg Dkt'tfColbiae1§penseof `° pure o peri- WL36 P ms. papeli; and a necessarly and other experises, and ’ ‘ for the one—half of all reasonable and necessary ]omt expenses of the International Joiitéloltnalmigsion iooiérrgd ongertaolge terms of 3;; t t bet ni tates rea ri concerning ulgeaol bouviixtilinry wilaters between the United States and Canada and other purposes, ed January eleventh, nineteen hundred and nine, g100,000, to bemgibursed under the direction of the Swrctary of tate. ’·°g‘“““"°· UNDER LEGISLATIVE. S¤y¤¤¤¤¤¢ ¤* ¤1>P¤* Statement of appropriations: For preparation, under the direction we °”' of the Committees on Appropriations of the Senate and House of Representatives, of the statements showing appropriations made, new offices created, offices the salaries of which have been omitted, inccxieased, or reduoled, ioldeiinite apprlolggiationfs, loud conitracts authorie toget erwit acronoogica o oteregua “- V tionlbills passed during the third session ollythe Sixty-secorlidlggelsz, <>*·25»v·5¤7· as requu-ed_ by the Act approved October mneteenth, eighteen hundred and eighty-eight, $4,000, to be paid to the persons designated _ by the chairmen of said committees to do said work. §‘g§,"g,§,‘§,‘jQ"°‘” Botanic Garden: For general repairs to buildings, heating a aratus, one new boiler for nhouse number seven, south sideglary- land rglvenue po1nting iSrepairs to footwglks spd roadways, ene repairsoac se,ter , t , dth girection of the Joiiit_Committee dnojlhecliillxsragt $2,300iBs uu Br 6 §g{j·g?¤I;{f{·;g;3¤f·¤¤¤· _ The appropriation m the sundry CIV!] Act approved March fourth nineteen undred and eleven, for removing ence and_ wall around the Botamc Garden, and for such grading, soiling, seeding and sodding as niraytge incident thereto, islhereh y made available for said rposes or e yea ° t d d f rte .

  • ¤¤¤¤S·¤*°· Senate committees and joint committees of the Senate and House of