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SIXTY—THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 75. 1915. 833 Duriilrgethe fiscal year nineteen hundred and sixteen the Secretary m§v’;,;¤¤¤“° *¤*>¤ of the usury is authorized, out of the appropriations "Operat' rurdisumgsmmm supplies for pu lic buildings" and "Operating force for public twill? P°‘t“'°°""’°‘°" ings," to furnish steam for the operation of lpneumatic tubes of the Postal Service, as heretofore, and to pay employees in the production of said steam, as heretofore, the proceeds denved from the sale of said steam to be credited to said appropriations in proportion to the amounts expended therefrom. Salamanca, New York, ground rent: For annual ground rent of g£“,°:,;,{*·Y· the Federal building site at Salamanca, New York, on account of Indian leases, due and payable on February nineteenth of each year, in advance, to the treasurer of the Seneca Nation of Indians, beginningFFebruary nineteenth, nineteen hundred and fifteen, md expiring ebruary nineteenth, nineteen hundred and ninety-one, $7.50. ooasr eusrm. ‘ caseewa. For every expenditure requisite for and incident to the authorized AMP- °°°· woglk of the (Eioflt Guard, as follgéwgzs 18 f ed Hi P er ay an owances rescri y w or commission officers W- °°°·· warrarit officers, petty oihlcers, and other enlisted ·men, active and md mmm retired, not exceenig twenty-one cadets and cadet engineers who wm. are hereby autho , and one civilian instructor, $3,759,000; ‘ , For rations or commutation thereof for warrant officers, petty R°”°*¤·°“= officers, and other enlisted men, $423,600; For twelve clerks to district superintendents, at such rate as the d,§’,‘,g'_¤*°¤P°¤¤*¤· Secretary of the Treasury may determine, not to exceed $900 each, $10,800; ‘ For fuel and water for vessels, stations, and houses of refuge, F“°*•¤°"•“*· $277 000; Fdr outfits, ship chandlery, and engineers’ stores for the same, *”**P°'°'°*°°· $308,600; For rebuilding and repa1r1ng` stations and houses of refuge, tem- °S¤*¤°*: wd ¤°¤¤•¤ porary leases, rent, and rmasrovements of property for Coast Guard { mm p oses, including use of ditional land where necessary, $157 400; ugir actual traveling expenses or mileage, m the discretion of the T"'°"“‘ “’°“‘°" Secretary of the Treasury, for officers, an actual traveling expenses for other persons traveling on duty under orders from the Treasury Delpartment, $36,50% _ _ f _ d • ht f tha Dmhmmm or carry out e rovrsions 0 sections seven an erg o 4,,,,, _8,,,_ · act approvedn§iay fourtlli, eighteen hundred and eighty-two, $50,000; P For draft animals and their maintenance, $18,500; D"‘“‘°“"“’· For telephone lines and care of the same, $12,500; "`°'°’”°"°“· For compensation for special services, $64 000; _ “’°°“* °°"""‘* For contingent expenses, including supplies andcdprovrsions for $’,,'}§§}E°{2,§§_“’°“”‘ houses of refuge and for shipwrecked persons succor by the Coast Guard, wharfage, towage, freight, storage, repairs to station apparatus, advertising, surveys, me als, stationery, labor, newspapers and periodicals for statistical purposes, and all other necessary expenses which are not included under any other heading, $50,000; In all, for the Coast Guard, $5,167,900. For repairs to Coast Guard cutters, $175,000. ;°"°“°°°"°"’ For the completion of two revenue (Coast Guard) cutters, author- AZ,',,f’,‘§Y°§,‘}’j ized by the act applroved June twenty-fourth, nineteen and fourteen, and wit their respective hmits of cost, to be immediately available, $310,000. mwerzsvme asn ranwrrse. ,,,§“"‘“'*“"““""""" For the work of engraving and rinting, exclusive of repay work, W¤rk•¤¤wr¤•¢· during the fiscal year nineteen huniired and sixteen of not exceeding eighty-two million delivered sheets of United States currency, thirteen 91006° ·—vor. 38-r-r 1--53