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834 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. C11. 75. 1915. million five hundred thousand delivered sheets of national-bank notes and Federal reserve currency, ninety million delivered sheets of ‘"‘“’P'w‘ internal-revenue stamps, eight million delivered sheets of emeégency- revenue stamps, two hun ed and thirty-nine thousand d vered sheets of customs stamps, four million two hundred and twenty~five thousand delivered sheets of opium orders and special tax stamps "”"’p‘7°°' required under act of December seventeenth, nineteen hundred and fourteen, and one million six hundred thousand five hundred delivered sheets of cheeks, drafts, and miscellaneous work, as follows: hh" For salaries of all necessary employees, other than 6(plate printers and plate rinters’ assistants, $1,483,000, to be md under the direc-

  • ’Tu°,;§°,;°“,_ tion olf the Secretary of the Treasury: Pr ed, That no portion of

this sum shall be expended for printing United States notes or Treasury notes of larger enomination than those that may be canceled or V 01- 45 retired, except in so far as such rlprinting may be necessary in executing 31* p' the requirements of the Act " o define an fix the standard of value, to maintain the pa.;-gy of all forms of money issued or coined by the United States, to und the public debt and for other purposes," approved March fourteenth, nineteen hundred. w""‘ For wages of plate printers, at piece rates to be fixed by the Secretary of the Treasury, not to exceed the rates usually paid for such work, including the wages of printers’ assistants, when emplo ed, P , $1,698,000, to be expended under thedirection of the Secretary of the Inrxenott. Treasury: Provided, That no portion of thissum shall be expended for printing United States notes or Treasurynotes of larger denominations v°,_3m“ thanthosethat may becanceledorretired, exceptinsofarassuch ' grintingmgibe necessary in executing the requirements of the Act to efine and the standard of value to maintain the parity of all forms of money issued or eomed by the United States, to refund the public gebt and for other purposes, approved March fourteenth, nineteen ¥¤*¤*':-r _ For engravers’ and rinters’ materials and other materials except {xi? rvirm hiuml distinctive paper, miscglaneous expenses, including paper for interndl- Put p. ml? - - ·

  • revenue stamps, and for purchase, maintenance, and driving of

necessary motor·propelled and horse-drawn passenger carrying vehicles, when, m wntin% ordered by the Secretargmof the Treasuaré $5;:1,500, to be expen ed under the direction of Secretary of asury. P¤>¤••¤¤ rmm work D the fiscal year nineteen hundred and sixteen all proceeds ,*2.:: °*•°*“° “* B"' derived farm work Ferrrrmsri by its Bureau of Engraving md Printing, by direction o the Secretary of the Treasury, not covered and embraced m the appropriation for said bureau for the said Escal year, mstead of being covered into the Treasury as miscellaneous receipts Vol. M, p-¤‘f· as provided by the Act of August fourth, eighteen hundred and eighty-six (Twenty-fourth Statutes, page two hundred and twenty- seven), shall be credited when received to the appropriation for said bureau for the fiscal year nineteen hundred and sixteen. 1¤¤¤¤11m¤¤¤· mscmmaxnous onmcrs, mmsunr Dmrammmzvr. I¤*•¤¤¤1 Mmm- To enable the Secretary of the Treasury to refimd mone covered Q. . . mmddm mto Treasury as mternal-revenue collections, under the proxrisions of Vol. 35, p. 325- gg:) $3; approved May twenty-seventh, mnetcen hundred and Bight, umm '*°*¤*¤>¤ Punishment for violations of internal-revenue laws: For detecting and bringing to trial and punishment persons guilty of violating the internal-revenue laws or connrving at the same, including payments for information and detection of such violations, $175,000. m *“=·*» The Secretary of the Treasury is authorized to use for, and in connection with, the enforcement of the laws relating to the Treasury