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838 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 75. 1915. °°¤°Y °*P·**•¤¤ St d of pellagra: For rental uipment, and maint f A°°°’*"315° tempibrliry field hospital and labb1?a?tory, including pay oiniidlrgbnzielt for specia studies 0 pellagra, $40,000. I>¤¤¢¢¤¢<¤>¤¤¤¤\>i¤· DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. ¤¤1¤¤=\>i¤ ¤¤¤vi*¤¤ For special equipment and furnishing` to complete Col b` H hisiiv¤i°;ii°$`¤¢, etc. pitgl {Br Women Asylum, includiiiggageiar g:i;$er(i;al an e necess mei en a expenses connec e erewi , e mH;}*m:°¤ D'¤*’”” immediately available, $75,725, one—half of which sum shall be (paid ` out of the revenues of the District of Columbia. and one-half out of the Treasury of the United States. m§,‘*f§v§;:*_f§g; One-half of the sum of $300,000 heretofore appropriated, or so muon;. ew. much thereof as shall be expended or obligated, for the construction mm df '“§?‘i'i ”“i‘3Zi°‘? h‘i'§*’““lb‘2`1Q.$i'igy.’°¤g"’P1i‘L°ih° b`T*ii‘iFi;€,°f ’h° um 1 or omen -m um s reimbursed to tliesglnited States Treasury on or befgre the close of the fiscal year nineteen hundred and fifteen, out of the revenues of the District of Columbia. ...‘2‘.‘.i*.%.""°""“‘“"" smrnsomau INSTITUTION. ¤,,I,°“‘°,,,'°•""*‘ °*· International exchanges: For the system of? te ti al changes between the United. States and fm.?1 countrilis, Iii]1iLde(i·llth4i,?iirection oi the Institution, sin uding necessary employees and purchasorof»aecemai·yibooh».a¤:d periodicals, $32,000. — . ·'*¤**°•¤•'“¤¤*°¤’· American ethnology: Foreontinuing ethnological researches among the_Americau Indians and the natives of Hawaii, including the excavation Qggeservation Q1'0l1@1I0gIC· remains, under the direction of the Sun oman Institution, mcluding necessary employees and mm my the purchase of necessary books and riodicals, $42,000. 2.;;: summa me ti I.I1l»;1'?l!;·li1<{§18;lt0(El8lé!:;l0tjiQ oftgcientilgzgggeramz For ;.l1].%)C0gf)61‘8·· ono em a1neworoetf t of Scientific Literature,_ including the reparaiatliliil lg? a glaxiigiid index catalogue of American scientific publications for incorporation 3§h§.I.?$3.*3;i2‘°£$€.ii$°€.“.Zz§1.°'k1’”°aP“£2i”° °f"°°°$"%“‘5%3’°°k“ _ ary mei en e uses, . _g*j,'gg,ljY¤*°°‘ Ob' Astrophysical Observatory: For maintenanclipoof Astrophysical Qbesrvatoryhunder the direction of the Smithsonian Institution, mcluding assistants, purchase of necessary books and eriodicals, ap§a;·1a£tus2,imal¤1;.gbl1;1i1ecessary ogservatiims in high altitudjes, repairs an era ons o dings, an misce , $13,000. ‘:,g:’f,;f’°‘ "°°*· Bookstacks for Government bureau sdm leting the

  • `°"Z§§".L°i.§if i' °i’d‘}“..?;1‘°§""’ii..““'* g“lii’.E.*i°“d.·.i“,,Q”}` “'fi"'i’i’} E"°"S?‘°i‘“

in a o e mi onian or e ran t Government bureaus 'IIHIIBI the direction 0 the Smithsoniacii (lnsti? tution, including heating and lightililg apiparatus, repairs to the floors, columns, walls, and windows, and o er necessary expenses, to be N I imiIne;liat;>lyl&1vailablei‘_$6,500. f EX B I . ¤¤·¤*¤· _ a ion useum: or cases, urniture, t , d li 'mm°'m ;e%g$’o1;Ig}e) exhibgi;160 sand safe·keeping of ldlillSecgIdns,&ii;l 9 6 Y€°¤» » i cannons, nmmug, $4§*%i6(i;?ii1;iiig, lighting, electrical, telegraphie, and telephonic service, m*;,°°é*,,:*¤¤ °°”°°· Flor pi·eserv(iationi0exhibition,_£aiud incérzglse of collections from frghe surveymgan exp nngexpedi onso t, d other sources, includiuglupecessmy em 1o;ees?v::iHmId1tgr iiirdcessag exphenses, and not excee ° g $5,500 for diawings and illustrations for pu lications, $300,000;