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842 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 75. 1915. W¤*·**¤*¤·¥¤¤¤· Watertown Arsenal, test' machines: For necess rofessional Tummwm andskilled labor, purchasemgf materials, tools, andmgpgliances for operating the testing machines, for investigative test and tests of material m connection with the manufacturing work of the Ordnance Department, and for instruments and materials for operating the chemical laboratory in connection therewith, and for maintenance of the establishment $15,000. _ _ _ W•¢¤rv|i¤f, N- Y- Watervliet Arsenal, West Troy, New York: For increasing capacity of power plant, $7,000; or lights in large gun shop, $3,000; _ . For one one·hundred—inch oring and turning lathe, $95,000; in all, $105,000. “ B•¤•¤~ Repairs of arsenals: For repairs and improvement at arsenals, and to meet such unforeseen expenditures as accidents or other contingencies during the year may render necewarly;--nincluding $125,000, or so much thereof as may be necessary, for mac ery for manufacturing p in the arsenals, $290,000. _ P•r ern ¤¤¤¤¤=¢- are appro riations rmder the titles "Rae]paa11s of ·arsenals" and °°.l°ia, p. esa "Testing macliines " herein made shall be av ble for the payment of a per diem in lieu of subsistence, when allowed, pursuant to section thirteen of the sundry civil appropriation Act approved Augpitiliirst, nineteen hzmdred an fourteen, to civilian employees of the ance Department. a , c°%;¤r¢•r¤¤¤*¤r qU 00m·s. _ BE{’,§°,f“ ”""‘°’“· Toward the construction of barrack accommodations for one regiment of Infantry at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii, including the necessary water, sewer, and lighting systems, roads, walks, and so forth, $163,000. tmB¤¤¤¤¤ Mm ,•1¤¤¤· Barracks and quarters, seacoast defenses: For construction and ’ enlargement of barracks and quarters for the Coast Artillery and other in connection with the adopted fpro’ect for seacoast defenses, m uding the installation therem o pllumbing and of heating and lightingwppparatus, to be expended as in the judgment gfggfga ,,,,,,,,,_ of the Secretary of ar ma be necess , $25,000: Provided, That q , Y **3; _ V¤1.35.P-353- no part of this sum shall be used for e construction of o£cerS’ quarters cost in excess of the limits established in the sundry civil apsroigiiption Act approved May twenty-seventh, nineteen hundred an e . 1'¤¤ ¤<¤¤¤•· Ve Fort Monroe, Virginia, wharf, roads, and sewer: W¤·¤· For repair and maintenance of wharf, includinfg all necessary labor and material therefor, fuel for wait' rooms, an water, brooms, and shovels, $1,400; repairs to apronudf wharf, including all necessary labor material therefor, $4,155; wharfinger, $900; four laborers, $1,920;_ in all, $8,375; for one—third of said sum, to be supplied by the United States, $2,791.66. ¤•1=•¤¤¢¤¤¤¤¤¤·•¢¤· For rakes, shovels and brooms; repairs to roadway, pavements, macadamand asphalt block· repairs to street crossings; repairs to street drama, $2,170; six laborers cle roads, at $480 each; in all, $5, 050; for two-thirds of said sum, to supplied by the United States, $3,366.66. ¤•*•r ¤¤i¤t·¤¤¤¤•· For waste, oil, boiler repairs, sewer pipe, cement, brick, and supplies, $1,900; two erggineers, at $1,000 each; two laborers, at $500 each; ID all, $4,900; or two-tlmds of said sum, to be supplied by the United States, $3,266.67. §,°,jggg;¢ nd For continuinghconstruction of the necessary accommodations for Hawaii. the Seacoast Art ery in the Philip ine Islands and Hawaii, $358,000. Enlargement of Governors Islang, New York: Nf*{.f·¤¤¤ m=¤¤» For repairs to sea wall at Governors Island, New York, to be imme— aqaascesawui diately available, mcluding per diem in lieu of subsistence when allowed plngrsuant to section thirteen of the sundry civil Act approved August t, nineteen hundred and fourteen, $8,000.