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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. C11. 75. 1915. 845 Vicksburg National Military Park: For continuing the establish- V*¤¤'>¤*8· meéitlofkthebpark; compensation of civilian cpmmissioners; engineer an cer a or irongunca.rriages,mounf 0 `e ,m ls monuments, miirkers, and historical tabllgis gilirigg iifstoric$all1(lId:ts; compiled without praise and without censure; maps surveys, roads, bridges, restoration of earthworks, purchase of lands, purchase and transportation of supplies and materials; and other necessary expenses, $36,000. . nuonmrzn nnraammm. m}1g_=*¤¤¤r ¤¤r¤¤>- Yellowstone National Park: For maintenance and repair of im- Y¤“¤W¤*¤¤•P¤*=- provemeinntts, $12g,000&11np1uding not tp exceed $7,50011 or maintenanceo theroa int e orestreserve outoft e ark rom the east boimdary, and not to exceed $2,500 or maintenaiice of the road in the forest reserves leadinig out of the park from the south l)0l1I1d&W to be expended by an under the direction of the Secretary of ar, to be immediate y available: Promkkd, That no portion §,§‘f,'$,'”,;,,,,,,,,,,,,_ of this appropriation shall be expended for the removal of snow from any of the roads for the cpiupose of openirlilg them in advance of the time when they will be eared by season changes. For widleifiing tp noEaxce(•;<&ingbei§hteenbfeet of rogdizlay am? im- {§°‘1%,';Q"'“‘“"*°· P1’0VI.D§S· aceo roa an or ding ridgesan c verts rom thelpe li-lll}: roa)du-150 the gvp1stemthbo¥§· téie Thumb tligtation tot esout ern eran om e e o tationto eeastern border, all Yellowstone National Park, to make such roads suitable and safe for animal-drawn and m0tor—pr0pelled vehicles, to be immediately ayailable, $50,000. _ _ mum ...‘f.1*.:.°°2·;.I&°*,;1g..m:..‘*.s;·:.·;%.;.?.?·;2.i.:°¢.;%l2%.z*st*...¤,is 2; """ and culyverts in like forest reserve leading out of the apark romdéie east boundary, to make such roads suitable and s e for animaldrawn and motor-propelled vehicles, to be immediately available, $20,000. Crater Lake National Park, Oregon: For continuation of a wagon °'°“"""°Y‘“’*· road and the necessary bridges through the ark, together with a system of tanks and watensiipp y pipes for sprugdmg, in accordance with the recommendations_m ouse ocument Numbered Three hundred and twenty-eight Sixty-second Congress, second session, maintenance, repair, and operation of two horse-drawn passenger-canwng vehicle, to be_ expen under the direction of the Secretary of ar, tolgiiiildinggdsiiig wiiiiillsibiifyaiiilolgxiiiiind Washington: For improve- ,,§’,,‘},f,},j‘},'}5f‘ °"‘ ment and care of public grounds, District of Columbia, as follows: MFor improvement and maintenance of gronmds south of Executive ,,,{§}¥"°'°"‘“" °“" ansion, $4 000. For ordinhry care of greenhouses and nursery, $2,000. For repair and reconstruction of the greenhouses at the nursery, $3 000. ¥or opglilnary care c¥I‘l.·afaéettePPa;.{rk, $2,000. oro`aryareo r ar$1500. For improvenizent and ordinary care of’Linc0h1 Park, $2,000. ummm ds, For care and improvement of Monument Grounds and annex, are g'°°° $7,000. For improvement, care, and maintenance of Garfield Park, $2,500. Gum _ For construction and repair of post-and-chain fences, repair of high '°°°`”’—°°° iron liglices, pgéngtmcting ptone coping about reseiévsitions, painting tc n’s es, iron ences, ases, am an amp-posts; regiiliring (and extending water pipgs, and p£hase of apparatus for cleaning them; hose; manure, and hauling the same; rem0v1.n(g snow and ice· urchase and repair of seats and tools; trees, tree an plant stakes, laliels, lime, whitewashing, and stock for nursery, flower-pots,