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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. C11. 75. 1915. 853 treasurer and assistant inspector general, $3 000· assistant ins tor general, $3,000; clerical services for the offices of the presidentgegzeneral_ treasurer, and inspector general and chief surgeon, $14,500; clerical services for managers, $2,700; for traveling expenses of the board of managers, their officers, and employees, including officers of branch homes when detailed on inspection work, $10,000; for outside relief, $500 ; for rent, legal services, medical examinations, stationery, telegrams, and other incidental ex enses, $7,000; in all, $53,700. In all, National Home for DisablegVolunteer Soldiers, $3,831,009).50. Prmnkled That no part of the foregoing a pro riations shall be §,'{’,§§§‘g,,,,,_ expended for any purpose at any branch of the Nlitional Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers that maintains or permits to be maintained on its premises a bar, canteen, or other place where beer, wine, or other intoxicating liquors are sold. Bmw mmdedw The following ersons on] shall hereafter be entitled to the benefits regunm me vaunof the N ationa llilome for l)isa,bled Volunteer Soldiers, and may be “’°”°‘°"‘°"“”’°°°* admitted thereto upon the order of a member of the board of man- ,,,¥',£§§`{f°"m’°‘m‘ agprs, namely: All onorably discharged officers, soldiers, and sailors w o served in the regular or volunteer forces of the United States in any war in which the country has been engaged, including the Spanish-American War, the provisional army (authorized by Act v°L °°·P§°"‘ o Congress approved March second, eighteen hundred and mnety— nine), m any o the campaigns against ostile Indians, or who have served in the Philippines, in China, or inAlaska, who are disabled by disease, wounds, or otherwise, and who have no adequate means of support, and who are not otherwise provided for by_law, and by reason of such disability are incapable of earning their living. State or Territorial homes for disabled soldiers and sailors: ltlor h0§,§°;f °‘ '*`°”**°”°* continuing aid to State or Territorial homes for the support of disabled volrmteer soldiers, in conformity with the Act approved August "°‘- ”»P· ‘“°· twenty-seventh, eighteen hundred and eiggg-eaght, includingb all classes of soldiers admissible to the Natio ome for Disa led Volunteer Soldiers, $1,100,000: Provided, That no part of this appro- {;,'{',,',‘2'f;,,,,_ priation shall be apportioned to any State or Territorial home that maintains a bar or canteen where intoxicating liquors are sold: Promkled further, That for an)5i_sum or sums collected in an? manner from mE€.gf’°"°““ mm °" inmates of such State or erritorial homes to be used or the support of said homes a like amount shall be deducted from the aid herein provided for, but this proviso shall not apply to any State or Territorial home into which the wives or widows of soldiers are admitted and maintained. alex mr AND nomwrr. ,,,,{’,,§‘,§,{‘ "’ “"’ For a ent of amounts for arrears of ay of two and three ear $§{‘§‘°“*_‘§,,_ voluntgergfn for bountg to volrmteers and their widows and llagal M, heirs, for bounty rm er the Act of July twenty-eighth, eighteen G,,mm,,,,,,,,,, 0,,,, hundred and sixty-six, and for amounts or commutation of rations ¢i¤¤==- to risoners of war in States of the so-called Confederacy, and to soldiers on furlough, that ma be certihed to be due by the accounting officers of the Treasury dluring the fiscal year nineteen hundred and sixteen, $50,000. wmmhs . em For payment of amounts for arrears of pay and allowances on °°m’ account of service of omcers and men of the Army during the War with Spain and in the Philippine Islands that may be certified to be due by the accounting officers of the Treasurg during the fiscal year nineteen hundred an sixteen and that are c argeab e to the appropriations that have been carried to the surplus und, $5,000.