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854 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. HI. Cr:. 75. 1915. melgpriw ¤•1>¤r*·- DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR P¤\>1i¤\>¤¤d1¤¤· PUBLIC BUILDINGS. B¤v·***¤n •°, D°P°"’· Repairs of buildings, Interior Department: For repairs of Interior. mmb Department and Pension Buildings, and of the General Land Office Building, occupied by the Interior Delpartment, mcluding preservaggn and rzpoair of speamhghgating an electric-lighting plants and vators, 000, o w `c sum not exceeding' $7 500 ma b e nded for day labor, except for work done b contrdct. y 6 GPM Xgipitol For work at Capitol andy for general repairs §:_g=*;·»{;,<; thereof, including agefor the east and west fronts of the center of ’ Itlgii Cigtol gud fg- nate an? Honilse Office dBpi%)dings; ilagsflaifs, ar an tac e;wages o mec amcsan aorers; urc magtendnce, and driving of motor-propelled, passengerljc QSO, office vehicle; and not exceeding $100 for the purchase of technic5 mt 0, Hm ang necessag refertepce bdcxks anchctigy dlilrectory, $30?)0g. C 1 _ orcomp e ento e ousewingo t 't , '%gL35·1>·¤*- au3hori;:d$byul:]§e Aclwapproved April sixteenth. ninet§ena1l)¤ld)dr:d an cig , 60,000. womusrt For contin the work of cleaning and re amng' works of art ' the C13./gtol, includinghreplairs to frames, undd; the direction of til]; _ Joint mmittee on e brary, $1,500. I¤¤1¤°'·¤¢¤°'”°*"- Capitol Grounds: For the care and Improvement of the grounds surroéndéng tcl:31 Capitol, Senate ax}dl-tlgouse Office Buildings, pay of one er m amcsgardeners;eI1zers;reairstoa ts walks, and roadways,’$30,000. P P mmm ’

••'· To complete reconstructing the sewerage, drainage, and watersup ly system within the Capitol Grounds, and resurfacing the laza,
pi other work adjacent thereto, $60,000, to be immediately

av 6- mrapms to stables, S°For repgiig and igngirovemplnts to stpoam §ire·engine fhguse, and nate an ouse s a es, an repairs an vmg` d courtyards of same, including personal services, I;l,500;0this0zhSd ?16 four oregiing sums may, in the discretion of the Secretary of the §g’L°§,j¤;f·m_ Interior, expended for purchases of articles without reference to section four of the Act approved June seventeenth, nineteen hundred R rh _ ta and ten, concemgig purc ases for executive departments. R$p,.‘§,,‘”,-i,.e§'.I°°°‘ The lmexpend balance of the appropriation of $83,500, made in 4¤¢¤»r-64¤- the sundry civil appro riation Act approved Jime twenty-third, nineteen hundred and thirteen, for resurfacing the terraces of the gapgtcgl W12}; waterproofing rpasenali and wgrk gpatgrials incien ere , is rea pro ria e an con mu ai a U-!'111g• th Em d fiscal year nineteen bundled and sixteen. 9 av 0 8 R., ',‘}i,§§,§§‘.T, Z3, The imcxpended balance of the appropriation of $35,000, made in ?g}°'l>¤8 *>¤“<**¤¤» the genezal gpdgienpiy approprgation Act approved 3[arch fourth, v¤1.:n,p.¤m. nineteen un e an thirte' en, or e nses o remov f th build. ““* P' 6*3* ings or other structures upon the lauxdxlicquired for the (;nlar(;·ement of the Capitol Grounds, for grading, seeding, and soiling, and preparation of plans for permanently improving the same, is reappro r1- ateél and continued available during the fiscal year nineteen undged an sixteen. . rummrma. rvnmc LANDS smzvrcn. ,,,,§,$§*°” md "°' Registers and receivers: For salaries commissions of registers of d1str1ct land offices and receivers of public moneys at district land Cmmgm ofdces, at not exceeding $3,000 Ear annum each, $540,000. p.,d;,,,,,,¤§,"P“,,§j _ Qentn§ent expenses of land p ces: For clerk hire, rent, and other

    • '*‘*· 1* ***1 incident expenses of the district land offices, including the exchange

of typewriters; per diem, 111 lieu of subsistence, of clerks detailed to