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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 75. 1915. 855 examine the books and management of district land offices and to assist in the operation of said offices, and in the opening of new land offices and reservations, when allowed prusuant to section thirteen of the Srmdgreg Civil Appropriation Act approved August first, nineteen hun and fourteen, ’ and for actual necessary traveling expensc-:s__ of,, said; clerks, mcludingb necessary sleeping-car fares: Promkled, That no expenses chargea le to the Government shall be §'°,,,'§',,°&m,,.,,, ,6, incurred by registers and receivers in the conduct of local land offices ¤¤'*°°°d· excegt upon previous specific authorization by the Commissioner of th?) enernl Landbgifrce, $340,0%0. of d — eposrting u c moneys: or e nses e if mone 1>¤1>¤¤¤¤¤¢ muws. received from llhe disposal of public gills, b lrlirgail, banli exchange, or otherwise, as ma be directed gy the Secretary of the Interior, and under rules to ge approved by the Secretary of the Triisugi $i’°°°' bh be mi 1 ds d 1 ¤=¤·~· dam e ations on pu 'c tim r, rotect' u `c an , an sett e- ,,' - n°‘ mentlbf claims for swamyilland ang swamlpl-llaiid indemnity: For pro- g•n%v!31¤¤t3ct¢i¤li¤fii¤=- d tecting timber on the pub 'c lands, and for the more efficient execution of the law and rules relatirig to the cutting thereof; of protecting ”"'·P~*°“ public lands from rllegal an fraudulent entry or apfpropriation, an of ad`usting claims for swamp lands, and indemnity or swamp lands, including not exceeding $15,000 for clerical services in bringng up and makinghcurrent the work of the General Land Office, $4 5,000: Prmnkled, at agents and others employed under this appropriation. {I;,°°"°d;m www may be allowed per diem in lieu of subsistence, pursuant to section mic W thirteen of the sundry civil appropriation Act approved August first, ””’ p' ‘ nineteen hundred and fourteen, at a rate not exceeding $3 each and actual necessary expenses for transportation, including necessary sleeping-car fares, exce£:; when agents are employed in the District of amrsmmya Alaskatheymaybea wednotexceeding$5perdayeachinlieuof subsistence. _ · _ (mgm and wm For the protection of lands involved in Oregon and California Ra1l· aarumqmanas. road forfeiture suit: To enable the Secretary of the Interior, with the P‘°“’°"‘°“’ °°°‘ cooperation of the Secretary of Agriculture or otherwise, as in his judgment may be most advisable, to establish and maintain a patrol to revent trespass and to guard {against and check fires upon the langs involved m the case of the nited States versus Oregon and California Railroad Compangsand others, suit numbered -three hundred and forty, in the trict court for the District of n, now pending on appeal in the Supreme Court of the United States, Szllcdggings in land entries: For hearings or other roceedings held t,E,°°'*°""’ "‘°°°°' bg order of the Commissioner of the General Land Ogce to determine t e character of lands; whether alleged fraudulent entries are of that character or have been made in compgance with law; and of hearings ,,m,”_ indisbarment proceedings $35,000: mridcd, That where depositions rss nmrepenum. are taken for use in suc hearings the fees of the officer taking them shall be 20 cents per folio for taking and certifying same and 10 cents per folio for each copy furnished to a partly on rguest. in U Reproducing lats of surveys: To enab e the ommissioner of the ,ul,},?$,'§d°° sph °t General Land Office to continue to reproduce wom and defaced official plats of surveys on file, and other plats constituting a part of the records of said office, to furnish local land offices with the same, and for reproduciné by photolithogaphy original plats of surveys prepared in the offices of surveyors general, $5,000. Nmomumm Restoration of lands in forest reserves: To enable the Secretary of aavmsing neimathe Interior to advertise the restoration to the public domain of lands "°“ °' "“‘d· °“°· in forest reserves or of lands temporarily witheliawn for forest reserve ur oses, $15,000. 0 . P Olpening Indian reservations (reimbursable): For expenses per- €1'VBti)D8t0I';‘?1j:f!;.l_- taining to the opening to entry and settlement of such Indian reser-