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856 SIXTY·THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 75. 1915. vation lands as may be 0 ened during the fiscal year nineteen hundred mma. and sixteen: Promded, 'llhat the expenses pertaming to the opening R°*¤"’“”°"‘°‘“· of each of said reservations and paid for out of this appropriation shall be reimbursed to the United States from the money received from the sale of the lands embraced in said reservations, respectively, $15,000. surveying- surtvnrme THE runuo Larms. awww- For surve and resurve s of public lands, under the supervision of P°""'1°M° the Commisgisoner of the 5Gene1?al Land Ofhce and_ direction of the iemsm. Secretary of the Interior, $700,000: Pmmlled, That m expending this P'°'°'°"°°°‘ appro nation preference shall be given, first, in favor of surveying townships occu ied in whole or in part by actual settlers and of lands versa, p. crc. granted to the States by the Act approved February twengysecond, v°1‘°°’ PP` m'm` eighteen hundred and eighty-nine and the Acts argiroved uly third and Jul tenth, eighteen hundred and ninety, an s to survey under such officr Acts as rovide for land grants to the several States and Territories, and such, indemnity lands as the several States and Territories may be entitled to in lieu of lands granted them for educational and other purposes which may have been sold or included in some reservation or otherwise disposed of, except railroad land grants and other surveys shall include lands adapted to agnlgriculture and lands deemed advisable to survey on account of av ability for irrigation or dry farming, lines of reservations, and lands within bormdaries of oempemmen m forest reservations. The siuyeys and resurveys provided for in this ¤°’”Y°”· appro tion to be made such competent sruyeyors as the Secretary orfntlle Interior may ect, at such compensation, not exceeding $200 per month each, as he may prescribe, except that the Secretary ¤¤p¤r·¤s¤r¤ M wr- of the Interior may a£point not to exceed two supervisors of surveys, '°”‘ whose compensation all not exceed $250 per month each, and except in the District of Alaska, where a compensation not exceeding $10 ra diem subsist- per day may be allowed such surveyors and such per diem in lreu of “‘_‘f,;,,,,,_ 554; subsistence, not exceedipg $3, when allowed pursuant to section thirteen of the sundry ci appropriation Act approved August first, nineteen hundred and fourteen, and actual necessary expenses for transtpplrtation, including necessary sleeping-carfares, said per diem and trav g expenses to be allowed to all surveyors employed hereunder cram, aa., mma- and to such clerks who are competent surveyors who may be detailed '·‘“”" to make surveys, resurveys, or examinations of surveys heretofore made and reported to be defective or fraudulent, and inspecting mineral deposits, coal fields, and timber districts, and for making, by such competent surveyors, fragmentary smypiys, and such other surveys or examinations as may be required fori entification of lands for pruposes of evidence in aréyxsuit or proceeding in behalf of the United Monuments rm see tates: Prmnkled further, at the sum of not exceeding ten per centum °*°“ °°"‘°”‘ of the amount hereby a pro riated may be expended b the Commissioner of the General Office, with the approval of the Secretary of the Interior, for the purchase of metal or other e ua.lly durable monuments to be used for ublic—land survey corners vgherever rac- W¤¤=*¤¤¤¤¤¤- ticable: Provided furtlwr, 'Fhat not to exceed $25,000 of the above amount maébe used to bring up the arrears of office work in surveyors generals’ offices upon returns of surveys filed therein prior to the passage of this Act. m{,ggggS•d ¤¤“¤=¤' Abandoned reservations: For necessary expenses of survey, ver.2z,p.`1cs. a praisal, and sale of abandoned military reservations transferred to tllfe control of the Secretggy of the Interior under the°pr·ovisions of an iact of approv h July fifth, cpiggrteen huérdred and eighty; our, an any aw prior thereto, inc u a custo ian of the ruin o c°°G°°°°` Casa Grande, $10,000.