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SIXTY—THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 75. 1915. 865 of the United States and one-half out of the revenues of the District of Columbia, $5,000. Leavenworth, Kansas, Penitentiary: For contin construction, L¤¤y¤¤wprm,Ka¤s, $100,000, to remain available until expended, all of wliich sum shall P°m°°”°'“'y‘ be so expended as to give the maximum amount of employment to the inmates of said penitentiary. Atlanta, Georgia, Penitentiary: For continuing construction, ·,‘§§,§g;,§g, $75,000, to remam available until expended, all of which sum shall ' be so expended as to give the maximum amount of employment to the inmates of said penitentiary. ° Appropriations in this Act under the Department of Justice shall bi§i’Z'¤_b°udm° ‘°'“ not e used for b the construction of any new or additional building at any eder penitentiary. Mrscnnnamcous onmcrs, DEPARTMENT or msrron. mS°°““¤°°“’· Conduct of customs cases: Assistant Attomc _General, $8,000; c,,$$,’}d“°t °I°“"°“"“ assistant attorney, $3,000; special attorneys angcoimselors at law Ggnsgliglmt 8{—ge*¤¤v in the conduct of customs cases, to be employed and their compensa- em. ’ m°ys’ tion fixed by the Attorne General, as authorized by section thirty V°1‘°6* *"1°°‘ of the Act of August iiflth, nineteen hundred and nine, $36,000; necessary clerical assistance and other employees at the seat of government and elsewhere, to be employed and their compensation fixed by the Attorney General; supplies, prinf , travelmg, and other S°”""“‘ miscellaneous and incidental ex enses, to%e expended imder the dir§ction 021 the Attorney (ienerall, g2Ig§1)00 ; irziill, $73,00;). wm or trav e enses, ees an e e owance o witnesses i °S°°*·B°¤’d °* before the Bdléd dip United States Generalallppraisers, $3,000. Gmm Appmsm Defending suits in claims against the Unite States: For necessary °,8D,;fS°¤d*¤¤ **1*** *¤ expenses incurred in the examination of witnesses and procuring of ` evidence in the matter of claims against the United States and such other expenses as may be necessary in defending suits in the Court of Claims, including not exceeding $500 for law books, to be expended under the direction of the Attorney General, $17,000. Defense in Indian depredation claims: For salaries and expenses in d,};gd°g{;m}”cm§;§m defense of the Indian depredation claims, including not exceeding ' $6,000 for salaries of necessary employees m Washington, District of Columbia, to be expended under the direction o the Attorney General, $13,000. Detection and prosecution of crimes: For the detection and prose- w{};§,°f)?g§,,§;g_P'°°* cution of crimes against the United States; the investigation of the oflicial acts, records, and accounts of marshals, attorneys, clerks, and referees of the United States courts and the Territorial courts, and United States commissioners, for which pu ose all the official Xgers, records, and dockets of said officers, wdliout exception, sg be examined by the agents of the Attorney General at any time; for the protection of the person of the President of the United States; for d§;{f"°°**“g*"°P’°“" such other investigations regarding official matters under the control of the Department of Justice as may be directed by the Attorney General, er diem in lieu of subsistence when allowed pursuant to I;,¤di¤¤¤¤b=iS¤¤¤¤¤~ section thirteen of the sund civil appropriation Act approved ”°°’p‘°8°‘ August first, nineteen hundreldy and fourteen, and including not to exceed $18,500 for necessary emplo ees at the seat of government, to be expended under the direction my the Attorney General, $485,000. _ _ Inspection of prisons and prisoners: For the mspection of United ,,§,‘}S¥"’°"°“°'*’“°’*°"’· States prisons and prisoners, and for the collection, classilication, and preservation of criminal identiiication records, and their exchange with the officials of State and other institutions, to be expended under the direction of the Attorney General, $10,000. 91006°—vor. 38-21* 1;55