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srxrrsrnmn ooivonnss. sm. m. ca. 75. 1915. 867 JUDICIAL. J¤¤i¢i¤¤- To pay the widow of Horace H. Lurton, late a justiee of the Lggztics H¤¤¤¢•H- Supreme Court of the United States, $14,500. Payntc widow. rmrrmn srarns oomrrs. U¤1m1saaac¤u1¤.· For a ent of salaries, fees, and enses of United States mar- “¤’¤h¤*S· shals iinri-Their deputies, includinlglctlhg omce expenses of United S°lm°°md°xp°°°°°' States marshals in the District of aska, payment for services rendered in behalf of the United States or otherwise, services in Alaska and Oklahoma in collecting evidence for the United States when so specially directed by the Attorney General, and maintenance, repair, and operation of h0rse—drawn passenger-carrying vehicles used in connection with the transaction of the omcial business of the office of United States marshal for the District of Columbia, $1,530,000. Advances to United States marshals, in accordance with existing ·’*°*’¤¤°¤¤· law, may be made from the proper appropriations, as herein provided, immediately upon the assage ofp this Act; but no disbmse- Restriction. ments shall be made prior to Jiily first, nineteen hundred and Hiteen, by said disbmsing officers from the funds thus advanced, and no disbursements shal be made therefrom to liquidate expenses for the fiscal year nineteen hundred and fifteen or prior years. For salaries of United States district attorneys and expenses of gj$,mgSF:n°f,¤¤¤¤· United States district attorneys and their regular assistants mcludin °x°°°°°°` _ the office expenses of United States district attorneys in Alaska, and for payment of salaries of regularly appointed clerks to United States district attorneys for services rendered during vacancy in the office S°"*°°¤, hm ¤· of the United States district attorney, $615,000. b For fees of United States district attorney for the District of Colum- ¥,‘§,Yf'°,{{’,{,.,°§§“'j',}’°'Q; ia, $28,940. ¤·v- For regular assistants to United States district attorneys who are R°¢¤'¤*¤¤¤°¤¤¢=· appointe by the Attorney General at a fixed annual compensation, $350,000. For assistants to the Attorney General and to United States dis- c,§§*“"““ “‘”P°°*" trict attorneys employed by the Attomey General to aid in special _ cases, and for payment of foreign counsel employed by the Attorney F°'°‘g“ °°““‘°‘· General in special cases (such counsel shall not be required to take §?§f;,,,,_36,,’,,_,,,_ oath of office in accordance with section three hundred and sixty-six, Revised Statutes of the United States); $200,000. For fees of clerks, $240,000. C*¤**·=¤’*°¤~ For fees of United States commissioners and justices of the peace ,cg°¤m*¤*°¤¢¤··w-· acting under section one thousand and fourteen, Revised Statutes of ' the Lnited States, $120,000. , For fees of jurors, $1,125,000. ’“‘°“ ‘°“· Fees of witnesses: For fees of witnesses and for payment of the §'*g*°§‘gg°§_°g6°lg°-160 actual expenses of witnesses, as provided by section eight hundred " ' ' and fifty, Revised Statutes of the United States, $1,100,000. For rent of rooms for the United States courts and judicial officers, R°"t°‘ °°"” '°°""‘ $64,000. __ For bailiffs and criers, not exceedingl three bailiffs and one crier in B”"hm’°°°‘ each court, except in the southern `strict of New York and the PWM, northern district of Illinois: Provided, That all persons employed Mami iimupanee. under section seven hundred and fifteen of the Revised Statutes s all K S‘*s°°‘"°*p· m be deemed to be in actual attendance when they attend upon the order of the courts: Provided further, That no such drgarsons shal] be Tun, etc ep employed during vacation; expenses ’of circuit and trict judges of peqses‘?:;dages." the United States and the judges of the district courts of the mted ‘°‘·°“* °· “‘“· States in Alaska and Hawaii, as provided blyusection two hundred and fifty-nine of the Act approved March t d, nineteen hundred and eleven, entitled "A.n Act to codify, revise, and amend the laws