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870 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 75. 1915. Q*°*¤i¤¢· *¤¤¤P°¤’· F l thing' , trans ortation, and traveling expenses including the t°h°u’ m' samgroli slacts specihedp under this head for the penitentiary at Leavenrth Ilansas, $7 000* Mmmm w(iE`0I,IDlSC0ll8.D€0llS expenditures, including the same objects specified under this head for the enitentiary at Leavenworth, Kansas, $10,000 ; P . . rrospmi supplies For hos ital supplies, includinigthe same obgcts specified under this head Em the penitentiary at avenworth, ansas, $1,000 ;_ _ seams. For salaries: For warden, $2,000; deputy warden, $1,200; g{hys1c1an, $1*%*9 @*3* "l°’1i°‘£.? l€§’°$i°§5’§" $1’°$i‘§’ “€'§°?€ §;“d $.33¤tE1a°‘2‘iZ; superm n en o a , ; guar a er a $10,500; in all,_$18 100; , _ ’_ _ i In all, McNeil Island (Washington) Penitentiary, $49,100. 8c§g;{°}¤;} B’f,'g*”,§§S€ National School for Bogs: Superintendent, $2,500; maeroeiumiiné. assistant su rinten ent, $1,500; teac ers and assistant teachers, °““"°°· $9,120; chiefpdlerk, $1,000; storekeeper and steward, matron of school, farmer baker, tailor, and nurse, at $600 each; parole officer, $900; office clerk, $720; assistant office clerk, $480; six matrons of famrhes, at $240 epch; forernlen ofk arid skilled helpgrzén mldnrsttgues, :3,8003 assistant armer an assis an engineer a 4 eac · ams er an lauxédress, at $360 each; ilorist,§nginiz)e)r,, angéshoeriiaker, at $540 eacg; coo , $480* dim' `ng-room atten ant ys 00; ming-room atten - ant, oH:icers’, $240; housemaid, $216; seanistress, $240; assistant cook, $300; watchmen, not to exceed eight m number, $3,360; secretary and treasurer, $200; in all, $214,276; H f d dry ¥¤1¤t•¤n¤<=•,¤¤¤- For su port o inmates in udmg` groceries OU]? ee , meats goods, legther, shoes, gas; fueli hardware, f111init;_u1ei1it;Bblewb;)a1;)el;gar% implements, seeds, an repairs to same, crt rs, an riodicals printing and entertainments stationery plumbing geainting, glazing, medicines and medical attendance, stock maintenance re air and operation of passenger-carrying vehicles, iencing, repairs to urldmgg, and other necessary items, including compensation, not excee $1,500, for additional labor or services, for ug . . identifying and pursuing escaped inmates, for_rewards for their recapture, and not exceeding $500 for transportation and other necessary expenses incident to securing suitable homes for discharged boys, $10,500; R•v¤¤-»,•¤:- For extraordinary repairs to buildings fences roadways and drain e, and for urchase of ui ment, $1;500; ’ , a? . P eq P . . togcgr urr;i(iL1;·te {mg gygmgmiggnoggmpment for new school building, e var a e ; In all, N ationalr Trainin School for Bo , $49,276. E YS m:_g°P}¤¤¤¤*°'°°¤· DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE. ¤¢¤¤¤¤¤¤¤ S°"*°°· menrnonsn smzvrcn. Generate uses. · · · • · ‘§" , General expenses:For su plies re au·s,mamtenance and incidental swam 0 jms expenses of lighthouses andpotheri lights, beacons, buoyage, fog signals, lig) ting of rivers heretofore authorized to be lighted, light vessels, ot er aids to navigation, and lighthouse tenders, rncluding the establishment, regg-ir, and improvement of beacons and da marks and purchase of _ d for same, the establishment of post lights, buoys, submarine signals, and fog signals, the establishment of oil or carbide {,°{§,,"*;’°·,,,, ,,,1 ,,,,,1 houses, not to exceed $10,000: Pr0vided,_That any oil or carbide house ,°g;**ggc¤¤*¤S°=· *>¤¤¤· erected hereunder shall not exceed $550 in cost; construction of neces- ’ sary outbuildmgs at a cost not exceeding $200 at any one station in any iiscal_year, the improvements of grounds and bur dings connected with hght stations and depots, wages of laborers attendrnggost lights, a of temporary employees and field force while engage on P Y . . works of general repair and maintenance, and pay of laborers and