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SIXTYJIHIRD coNennss. sm. rn. cs. 75. 1915. 879 the Superintendent of the Capitol Building and Gronmds, under the gupervision of the Committee on Rules, United States Senate, 17,500. House Office Building: For maintenance, including miscellaneous · *¥°°‘° °m°° B““"‘ items, and for all necessary services, $45,712. m¥,‘°iPt*,*;¤¤¤°°· hm Capitol power plant: For lightin the Csipitol, Senate and House ifdiianlilgilp f Ofhce Buildings, and Congressional Eibrary uilding, and the grounds about the same, Botanic Garden, Senate stables and engine house, House stables, Maltby Building, and folding and storage rooms of the Senate; pay of superintendent of meters, at the rate of $1,600 per annum, who shall inspect all gas and electric meters of the Govem— ment in the District of Columbia without additional compensation; for necessary personal and other services; and for materials and labor in connection with the maintenance and operation of the heating, hghtmg, and power plant, and substations connected therewith, $90,000. For fuel, 011, and cotton waste, and advertising for the power F¤•l»°¤»¤*¤· plant which_ furnishes heat and light for the Capitol and congressional buildings, $82,924. This and the forego appro riations ,, ,,,,{,‘§,,,,§ shall be egended b the Superintendent of th:-an%}a1p1tol ¤¤*m•»¤*¤- and Groun under the suggirvision and direction of the commission in control of the House _ ce Building, appointed nmder the Act WL 3** P· 13*5* apfproved March fourth, nmeteen hundred and seven, and wit.hout' V9, 35 531 re erence to section four of the Act approved Jime seventeenth, ’p` ‘ nineteen hundred and ten, concerning purchases for executive departments. anama- Ex- PANAMA-PACIFIC INTERNATIONAL EXPOSITION. p·$¤¤¤. P°°’°" The a pro riation of $30,000, made in the sundry civil appro- '§°§,§",,§§‘ “"_*’°" riation 1Act iior the iiscal year nineteen hundred and fifteen, for the mwgggmgemcgf ap- Copyright and Patent Branch Oihce at the Panama-Pacific Inter- pTm,§'Y°&;a national Exsition is contmued and made available for exsenditure during the t half of the fiscal year nineteen hundred an sixteen. Govemment Print- GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICE. ies Omrrunuc rnmrme AND BINDING. Public Printer, pur- Oifice of Public Printer: Public Printer, $5,500; purchasing agent, °"“*"¤ •¤°“‘·°'·°· $3,600; chief clerk, $2,500; accountant, $2,500; assistant purchasing agent, $2,500; cashier and paymaster, $2,500; clerk in charge o Congressional Record at the Capitol, $2,500· private secretary, $2,500 (now being paid from "Printing and binding"); assistant accountant, $2,250; chief timekeeper, $2,000; paying teller, $2,000; clerks—two at $2,000 each, seven of class four, t irteen of class three, eight of class two, five of class one, ten at $1,000 each fourteen at $900 each, one $840; paymaster’s guard, $1,000· doorlreepers-— chief $1,200, one $1,200, six assistants at $1,000 each; messengerstwo at $840 each; delivery men—chief $1,200, Eve at $950 each; telephone switchboard operator, $720; three assistant telephone switchboard operators, at $600 each; six messenger boys, at $420 each; in all, $130,460. Office of Deputy Public Printer; Deputy Public Printer, $4,500; ,,1{’u*;§,“;,{_ 1’“°“° two clerks of class one; clerk, $840; chemist, $1,600; messenger, $840; ' in 8‘H’ $10»180· Watch force Watch force: Captain, $1,200; two lieutenants, at $900 each; ` sixt -four watchmen, at $720 each; in all, $49,080. _ H ma Hyolidays: To enable the Public Printer to comply with the pro- ° Y" visions of the law granting holidays and the Executive order ganting half holidays with pay to the employees of the Government rmtmg Omee, $180.000.