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880 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 75. 1915. L°°*’°¤ °*¤*>¤°¤°¤ Leaves of absence: To enable the Public Printer to comply with the pfovision? cg tgp law grantilng thirtybgiays annual leave to the em- _ p ciyees 0 e pvernment _ rinting ce, $320,000. _

  • ’“"‘*° P'*¤““8 °¤" or ubhc rinting, public bmding and aper for public printin

miiiiisliisssw ¤¤=¤¤¤¢. and bgiiéding, ilixcludixig ge cost of palxiiigng lgie deibpteshalgd proceed? ings 0 ngress in the ngression ecor an or `t ovraphing mapping, and engraving, for both Houses of’C0ngress, the°Supreme Court 0 the United States, the Suppeme Court of the District of Columbia, the Court of Claims, the 'brary of Congress, the Smithsonian Institution, the Interstate Commerce Commission, the Federal OMB 1 . d Trade Commission, the International Bureau of American Republics, expense. °° the Executive Office, and the departmenp; for salaries, compensation, c appro 0 m on 0 o m n oars 0* 2%Lerr:s;:::i&g2r.*e*¤m:* ***°21.?:2;*;SP:m§; binding and the forenian of printing· rengs, fuel, gas, electric current, "°"’°‘°'·°°°· gas an electric Extures; bicycles, electrical vehicles for the carriage of printing and printing supplies, and the maintenance, repair, and 0 tion of the same,_ to be used only for official purposes, including tliiduiiliamtenance, repa1r, and operation of motor-propelled passengerplarrying B<£icles1for official use og tha iiicegs of gile government rinting ceweninwritingorere yte u`c rinter(not exceeding $1,500) ; freight expressage, telegraph and telephone . . J . service; furniture, typewriters, and carpets; traveling ex enses, stationery, gostage, and advertising; directories, technical }`l>ooks, , and lgploks 0 reference, not (pxccipding 8%; addingmphnd mflmbering H mac es time stamps an other mac es 0 s `ar c aracte1·· mm:,m°”’ °q°lp` machinery Qnot exeeediiig $100,000); equipment, and for repairs ai machinery, 1mplements, and buildings, an for minor alterations to buildings; necessary eciluipment, mamtenance, and supplies for the emergencyxgoom {lor the ulse ogk all emplolyfzesmin the Govemment H. ,1 Printing ce w o may e then su e or receive ° n°m°' while on duty; other necessary contin ent aiid miscellaneousligeildnig authorized by the Public Printer; and En all the necessary materials andhequipxlpent needed in the prosecution and delivery and mailing of the wor $4,400,000; Tm In all, for public printing and binding, including salaries of office force, payments for holidays and leaves_of absence, and the lastnamed sum, $5,089,720; and from the said sum printing and binding shall pe done py the Public Printer to the amounts following, re?ect1ve y, name y: ·*“,,°g,°”‘,,°s“*’· or rinting and bindm g for Congress includin the proceedings C0 agi} dcegaisleg, $1 ,587 ,520. and bindi(pgdforg(éongiress chargea e 0 t appropriation w en recommen e to e one b the Committeg on Printing of, either House, shall bef spl recomxrilgrndep in a repo containing an ap roximate estimate o the cost the , together with a statement grom the Public Printer of estirglatted a proximate cost of work reviousl ordered b Con ess within ll; P Y Y gr » t e fiscal year for which this appropriation is made. D°*’°'*‘“°“”’· °*°· For the State Department, $40,000. _ For the Treasury Department, $390,000. u,§f‘“"‘“°°"°“"’““°‘ For the War Department, $200,000: Provided, That the sum of $3,000, or so much_thereof as may be necessary, mgly be used for the publxciagpnéfrom tirge to tim? pl bulletin? prepare under the direction 0 e urgeon enera 0 the , r the inst t' f dical officers, when agproved by the Secriitaiiy of Waiumc wu O me For the Navy epartment, $145,000, including not exceeding $2g,000gorI;l€e Hycgograplnc Office; or the error epartment inc ud' g not ed` S"0,000 for the Civil Service Commissionxand ndltigexceeiiixig $1‘§E§00{0 for the publication of the Annual Report of the Commissioner of Education, $300,000.