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882 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 75. 1915. For the International Union of American Raelpublics, $20,000. R¤¤¤’*°¤°¤¤· That no more than an allotment of one-h of the sum hereby appropriated for the public printing and for the apublic binding shal be expended in the first two uarters of the fisc year, and no more than one—fourth thereof mayqbe expended in either of the last two quarters of the fiscal gear, except that, in addition thereto, in either of said last quarters the unexpended balances of allotments for preceding quarters may be expended; and no department or Government establishment shall consume in any such period a. greater percentage of its allotment that can be lawfully expended during the same period of the whole appropriation. !,§u°g§,_°‘ ”°°°" Money appropriated under the foregoinghallotments shall not be expended for printing or binding for any of the executive departments or other Government establishments except such as shall be certified in writing to the Public Printer bi the respective heads or chiefs thereof to be necmsarito conduct the ordinary and routine business uired by law of suc executive departments or Government estabments, and except such ggports, monographs, bulletins, or other publications as are authoriz by law or specifically provided for in m§h*;gg{,g;' *°”“’ appropriations herein; all other printing required or deemed necessary or desirable by heads of executive departments or other Government establishments or offices or bureaus thereof shall be done only as _¤ Mm Co1r&gresssha;llfromtimetotimeati‘;tzihorizle;SA haub d ° dg oparto anymoneya ropria int cts e ai toany zilaiiiiimpwoa person employed in the (ggvernment Printing Office while detailed or or performing service in any other executive branch of the public service of the United States unless such detail be authorized by law. App¤r¤¤¤m¤¤¤ { All expenditures from appropriations made herein under Governg°{§°,g,§‘l§}"°’ t° "' ment Printing Office, except appropriations for salaries and for stores and general expenses in and for the office of superintendent of documents, and expenses incurred on account of heat, light, and power furnished the city post-office building in Washington, District of Columbia, shall be equitably apportioned and charged by the Public Printer to each publication or work executed under any of the foregoing allotments, so that the total charges for work done from the apprglprrations aforesaid shall not be less than the total amount actu y expended from all of said appropriations. mQ£gg0,¤,g0c§J·;¤Pg;*gj orrrcn or snrnnmrmnnnnr or nocuumms. s,5¤£gr;¤;;·¤¤¤¤¢· ¤¤· Superintendent, $3,500; assistant superintendent, $2,500; clerks— ’ two of class four, three of class three, ve of class two, eight of class one, nine at $1,000 each, eight at $900 each; four at $840 each, twenty at $720 each; cataloguers—one in charge $1,800, two at $1,500 each, three at $1,200 each, one $1,100, seven at $1,000 each, four at $900 each; cashier, $1,600; librarian, $1,500; shi per in charge, $1,400; stock keepers———one $1,100, three at $1,000 each, five at $900 each, three at $720 each; helpers——one $870, three at $750 each; five assistant messengers; three mailers, at $840 each; forty-one skilled laborers, at $626 each; ten unskilled laborers, at $626 each; janitress, $626; two folders, at $626 each; eleven laborers, at $626 each; messenger boys——eleven at $500 each, six at $420 each, eleven at $375 each; labor necessary to handle current periodicals, $16,000; cmmme in all, $178,395. ‘p°°s°s° For f1u· and fixtures, typewriters, carpets, labor-saving machines and accessories, time stamps, addin and numbering machines, awniags, curtains, books of reference, grectories, books miscellaneous office and desk supplies; paper; twine, glue, envelopes, gpstage, car tickets, soap, toilet paper, towels, disinfectants, and ice; a e, ex ress, freight, tele hone and tel a h service; re airs to ujrlg P P sr P , dg . b ding, elevators, and machinery; preserving samtary con tron of