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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. C11. 75. 1915. 883 building, light, heat and ower· statione and office rint' including b§1nks, price lists,pand bibliograplhlies $30,000; gr calliglogues and indexes, not exceeding $16,000; for bmding reserve remainders, and for suppliying books to depository libraries, $86,000; equipment, material, an supplies for distribution of public documents, $17,000; in all, $149,000. THE PANAMA CANAL. P’“‘°"‘°°“°*· For every expenditiue requisite for and incident to the construction, ‘$ ,,d_ maintenance and operation, sanitation, and civil government of the Panama Canal and Canal Zone, including the following: Compensation of all oincials and employees; foreign and domestic newspapers and periodicals; law books_not $500, text books and books of re erence ; printing and bmding, including printing of annual report, rents and personal services in the District of Columbia; purchase or exchange of typewriting, adding, and other machines; purchase or exchange, maintenance, repair, and olpleration of motor-propelled and horse-drawn passenger-carrying ve 'cles; claims for damages to °““"" ‘°"’“"*¤°’· vessels passing throplgh the locks of the Panama Canal, as authorized by the anama Can Act; claims for losses of or damages to procperty arising from the conduct of authorized business operations; aims for damagps caused to owners of private lands or private property of vom, mt any kind y reason of the grants contained in the treaty between the ’ p` United States and the Republic of Panama, proclaimed February twenty-sixth, nineteen hundred.and four, or by reason of the operations of the United States, its agents or employees, or b reason of the construction, maintenance, operation, sanitation, andy protection of the said canal or of the work of sanitation and protection therein provided for, whether such claims are compromised by cement between the claimants aud the Governor of the`Panaman%anal or B I hu allowed by a joint land commission; acquisition of land and land vciliigléi. under water, as authorized in the Panama Canal Act; expenses X D§r;¤¤¤1t,_•gh;·¤·t¤‘;_*— incurred in assembling, asserting, storing, repairing; and selling °°° m '° material, machinery, and equipment heretofore or ereafter urchased or acquired for the construction of the Panama Canal wgich are unserviceable or no longer needed, to be reimbursed from the proceeds of such sales; expenses incident to conducting hearings and examining estimates for appropriations on the Isthmus; expenses incident to an emergency arising because of calamity by noo , nre, · estilence, or like character not foreseen or otherwise provided for P_ di mmm herein; per diem allowance in lieu of subsistence when prescribed bi .4»i¢¢,°;ifi§o. ` the Governor of the Panama Canal, to persons engaged in neld wor or travelin on official business, pursuant to section thirteen of the sundry civil appropriation Act approved August nrst, nineteen hundred and fourteen, and for such other expenses not in the United States as the Governor of the Panama Canal may deem necessary to best promote the construction, maintenance, and plperation, sanitation, and civil government of the Panama Canal, a to be expended under the direction of the Governor of the Panama Canal and accounted for as follows: _ C . . For continuing the construction and equipment of the Panama m¤¤r,m.,¤i°csi¤(ifP` Canal, including $1,000 additional compensation to the Auditor for the War Department for extra services in auditing accounts for the Li mmm mm Panama Canal, and not exceeding $40,000 for establishing two lights mi ° on the Pacino coast, necessary as aids to navigation near the Pacino ’°°"» ”2"· entrance to the Panama Canal, one at Bona Island and one at Cape Mala, said lightsftohb¢§?estabhsl(;ed8a1nd maintained as a. part of the ° htin s tem o the anama an , $10,500,000· qu hgFOf§118y11it€D&DC0 and opleration of the Panama Canal, salary of the ,,,,1,[§.,,,f°”“”°°°°'i°"` Governor, $10,000; pure asc, inspection, delivery, handling, and G°"’¤°*·