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884 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. C11. 75. 1915. P¤¤¤¤¤‘5¤¤,°°¤· storing of material, sitpplies, and equipment for issue to all departments of the Panama anal, the Panama Railroad, other branches of _ the United States Government, and for authorized sales, $5,200,000, ,,,,;Q,‘§§‘“°“"1 "°'“ '°‘ together with all moneys arising from the conduct of business operations authorized by the Panama Canal Act; S¤¤i¤¤¤i¤¤·°'#¤· For sanitation, quarantine, hospitals, and medical aid and support of the insane and of lgpers, and aid and support of indigent persons le ally within the Can Zone, including expenses of their deportation when practicable, $700,000; _ mfg ¢°‘°°"”“°°' °" For civil government of the Panama Canal and Canal Zone, salaries ' of éliitrict Judge, $6,030, district atpoxpletyé ¥5,O0O;hIgl8»l`2h3·l1é ${15,00% an or atuities an necessary c ot or in en c arge prisoners?§540,000; ,,{{g§d“f*"‘° ““°“ °"‘ In all, $16,940 000, the same to be imgnediately available and to , gxigggmmntkom contmue available until expended: Provided, That all expenditures me emmas. from the appropriations heretofore, herein, and hereafter made for the construction of gis Panlpema Clapal, ilpcluding any por;i3I1;’o§ sulgi appropriations w `c ma use or the construction o oc , reijpairpshops, yards docis, wharves, warehouses, storehouses and other necessary facilities and appurtenances, for the purplose oi providing coal and other materials, labor, repairs, and suplp 'es, for the construction of office buildings and qluarters, and other necessary E‘°°¥’“°“· buildings, exclusive of fortifications an collieis, and exclusive of the ‘ amount used for operating and maintaining the canal, and exclusive of the amount expended for sanitation and civil government after January first, nineteen hundred and fifteen, may be {paid from or reimbursed to the Treasmy of the United States out o the proceeds "°*· ”· *’· *8** of the sale of bonds authorized in section eight of the said Act approved V°'· "°**"m‘ June twenty-eighth, nineteen hundred and two, and section thirty- nine of the tariff Act approved August fifth, nineteen hundred and nine. N“‘F"’?' °’ °‘“*"°¥‘ Exce t in cases of emergenc or conditions arisin subse uent to |imit.ed to stx- 1 gm and unildreseen at the time of siiimitting the annual egtimatesl to Congress, and except for those employed in connection with the construction of pprmanent quarters, offices, and other necessary buildings, dry doc , reqlair shops, yards, docks, wharves, warehouses storehouses, and_ot er necessary facilities and appurtenances for the purpose of providing coal and other materials, labor, repairs, and supp ies,

 ${33 e%‘°°P¥.Si§’tE0“'2r‘1°£2’°“°”” °"°'*‘€’“g °"EEI§2¥i°€ `L,“d€’” wrt

va. a1,p.sei. m n various posi ions is ec 1on our of the Plicnama Canal Act, there shall not be employed at any time during the fiscal year mneteen hundred and sixteen under any of the foregoing appropriations for the Panama Canal, any greater number of persons an are specified in the notes submitted respectively in connection with the estimates for each of said appropriations in the “c¤m§»•· mation re- annual Book of Estimates for said year, nor shall there be paid to any igch pemgnltdliirmgdtlggi e gpm any greater rate qltilcompensatapin an_was orize an o ersons occu yin esame or e positions on the first day ofpJu1y, ngeteen hundlied gud fourteen; and all employments made or compensation increased because of emergencies or conditions so arising shall be speci’dca.1ly set forth, with the reasolns thlpregor, (py the governor in his report for the fiscal year nineteen un e an sixteen. ¥¤¤•v=,¤<>¤¤ Mis- In addition to the foregoing sums there is appropriated for the %p¤°i3i°¢iri°g1¤ii°iai§°l fiscal year nineteen hundred and sixteen, for eiggenditme sind rein- P'°"”°“°"'· vestment under the several heads of appropriation aforesaid without being covered into the Treasury of the United States, all moneys received by the Panama Canal from services rendered or materials and supplies furnished to the United States, the Panama Railroad Company, the Canal Zone government, or to their employees, respectryely, or to the Panama Government; from hotel and hospital sup-