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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. Cris. 75, 76. 1915. 887 Sec. 6. That all sums appropriated b this Act for salaries of officers b68$,,{°* ¤=·’¤*i·¤ °° and employecs of the Government shallvbe in full for such salaries for ' the fiscal year nineteen hundred and sixteen, and all laws or arts of laws to the extent they are in conflict with the provisions of) this Act are repealed. Approved, March 3, 1915. CHAP. 76.-An Act Makin' g appropriations for fortiiica and oth works f m"°h3* um defense, for the armament thereogiorlihe procurement of ordnanede for triiil and service, and for other purposes. lY¤bu°· N°· $6*-] Be it enacted by the Senate and House ofRe eeentatives of the United _ States of Amenkzu. in Congress assembled, Thai); the following sums are I,.-£‘§£”`°`°°° °°°” appropriated, out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, to be immediately available and to continue available until expended, namely: FORTIFICATIONS AND OTHER WORKS OF DEFENSE. mremmm: nnrarzmmirr. ¤j¤¤,g*¤¤•* mm For construction of gun and mortar batteries, $585,000. niigmd up The Secretary of War is authorized to grant to the Norfolk South- gIlglit%!°w.;§tlr1i'mgh ern Railroad Company, its successors an assiggs, a perpstual right } {,*f,,§°$ of way through the lands which have been orw `ch may e acquired Company. for fortification purposes at Cape Henry, Virginia, on such location as he may approve, in_ exchange for all of said company’s lands and rights of way lying within the boundaries of the lands acgrlifred or to be acquired for said fortification purposes: Provided, at the §,"§,,'{"’,,,g;,.,‘1,,,,,,,,,,_ said railroad company may be reimbursed rom appropriations which °°°· may be aipplicab e to the construction of defenses at Cape Henry, Vir `a, or the expense which may be imposed upon the said railroagudbmpangr in changing the location of its tracks, stations, or other buildings an appurtenances from their present location on the said lands and rights of waly of the aid railroad company to the right of way hereinbefore authorized to be granted to the said company by the Secretary of War. For modernizing older emplacements, $100,000. hLg:_r:it;i¤e ¤m· For construction of fire—control stations and accessories, including P rneeenziumzsem. purchase of lands and rights of way, apurchase and installation o necessary lines and means of electric communication, including telephones, dial and other telegraphs, and all special instruments, apparatus, and materials, coast signa apparatus, and salaries of electrical experts, engineers, and other necessary engployees connected with the use of coast artillery; purchase, man acture, and R°¤8°¤°°‘°‘”·°°°· test of range finders and other instruments for fire control at the fortifications, and the machinery necessary for their manufacture at the arsenals, $130,000. For maintenance of Coast Artillery warinstruction matériel at ,ng‘gc“,,f,‘,§fm“Y W Coast Artillery posts, includinlg necessary material and labor therefor and for extra-dut pay to so diers necessarily employed for periods not less than ten clays, $500. For installation and replacement of electr·ic·light and power plants E‘°°"‘° P‘°““ at seacoast fortifications, $50,000. p For purchase and installation of searchlights for the defenses of our ¤¢¤¤¤¤¤¢¤¤- most important harbors, $150,000. _ For protection, preservation, and repair of fortifications for which P"`“°"°"°“·°°°· there may be no special zpppropriation available, and of structures for the torpedo de ense o the United States and for maintammg channels for access to torpedo wharves, $200,000. For preparation of plans for fortifications and other works of Pm defense, $10,000.