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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 76. 1915. 891 Boann or oiumaucn AND ronrrrrcariou. ..‘.i°%‘?.‘}..?.E..€i‘;,$‘.%‘°“°° For all needful and proper purchases, experiments, and tests to P“'°"“°°·*°“$·°‘°· ascertain, with a view to their utilization by the Government, the most effective gims, small arms, cartridges, projectiles, fuses, explosives, torpedoes, armor plates, and other implements and engines of war, and to purchase or cause to be manufactured, under authority of the Secretary of War, such guns, carriages, armor lates, and other war material as may, in the gudgment of the board) be necessary in the Sproper discharge of the uty devolved ugpn it by the Act Wl- 2*% P· M- applroved ptember twenty-second, eighteen hun ed and eighty- eig t; salary of the civilian member of the board and for his neces- ¤*vi¤•¤ membersary traveling expenses when traveling on dutgras provided by the Act of February twenty-fourth, eighteen him ed and ninety-one; V°*-°°»P·76°- necessary ezépenses of the board, mcluding rent of offices in the District of olumbia at not exceeding $900 per annum and a lper P¤ ¤*•¤¤.e¢<=· diem allowance to each officer detailed to serve thereon, w en employed on duty away from his permanent station, of $2.50 a day; test o experimental gims, carriaiges, and other devices procured in '1‘e¤¢e» eee accordance with the recommen ation of the board, $15 000, the expenditure of which shall be made by the several bureaus of the War Department heretofore having jurisdiction of the same, or by the board itself, as the Secretary of War may direct: Promlded, That g&*{¤;6m mv} before any money shall be expended in the construction or test of am. any gam,tiu.n carriage ammumtion, or implements under the supervision of e said board the board shall be satished, after due mquug, that the Government of the United States has a lawful right to use the inventions involved in the construction of such gun, gun carriage, amnliunition, or fimplements, of tliat the conpltrlppvtplpln or test is mhade att er uesto a rsoneiter aving` suc torauthorizcd to diinvey the slziine to the Government: P urther, That a.5il`.ia'°' °m°°° °°` the pa ent of rent for offices heretofore leased in the District of Columgilallfor the Board of Ordnance and Fortification, and the pay- ments heretofore made for rent of such offices, are hereby authorized. M wm be of Sec. 2. That all material purchased under the provisions of this .im°Z¤¤¤¤fL.»¤u»- Act shall be of American manufacture, except in cases when, m the *°’°— `udgment of the Secretary of War, it is to the manifest mterest of the linited States to make purchases in limited quantities abroad, which material shall be admitted free of duty. mm d um Sec. 3. That appropriations in this Act shall not be expended for ,,,d_ °"’°" °' ` powder;1 other than small·arms powder at a price m excess of 53 cents a oun . . Ignc. 4. That of each of the sums appropriated by this Act, after ,,h§S°§,°"§°‘§?,i§2,’c`§Z deducting any amounts required to meet obligations authorized m ¤e¤·¤·*°*¤¤¤¢¤¤'¤- previous Acts to be entered into by contract, not more than ten per centum may be used to purchase not exceeding ten per centum in uantity or value of any article or material, herem appropriated for, ghat can be manufactured at the arsenals of the Ordnance Department, except when contract costs are less than arsenal manufacturing costs. P8 dim ,0, Sm Sec. 5. That the several appropriations herem made and heretofore sisieqrgze- 680 made in fortification appropriation Acts shall be_ava1lable for_ the ’p` ‘ payment of a per diem allowance in lieu_ of subsistence to civilian employees when allowed pursuant to section thirteen of the sundry civil appropriation Act approved August first, nineteen hundred and fourteen. Em, -,1 pmng Sec. 6. All unexpended balances, amounting to $13,531.51, of the appli? `hsmpcovmd appropriations heretofore at various times ma e for the development ,,,c,,m,,,,,,T,,,,,,,,,_ and manufacture of the so-called Emery disa&pear1ng‘gun carnage are hereby covered back into the Treasury of e Umte States. Approved, March 3, 1915.