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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. C11. 80. 1915. 899 CONTINGENT AND MISCELLANEOUS EXPENSES. For printing, checks, books, law books, books of reference, peri- °°°"°g°°t°°°”"“’ odicals, stationery; detection of frauds on the revenue; surve g instruments and implements; drawiri materials; binding, rebinchdgy repainng, and preservation of recor ; maintaining an keeping in good or er the aboratory and apparatus in the office of the inspector of asphalt cement; da.mages· livery, purchase, and care of horses and carriages or buggies and bicycles not otherwise {provided for; horseshoeing; ice; repairs to pound and vehicles; use o bicycles by inspectors in the engineer department not to exceed $800; and other general necessary ex enses of District omces, including the sinking-fnmd office, Board oi)Charities, including an allowance to the purchasing officer and to the secretary of the Board of Charities of not exceeding $360 each per annum for maintenance of vehicle for use in the discharge of their official duties, excise boardgiersonal-tax board, harbor master, health department, surveyor·’s office, superintendent of weights, measures, and markets office, and department of insurance, and purchase of new apparatus and laboratory eqiliipment in 0Ece of inspector of asphalt and cement, $36,925; and e commissioners shall so apportion this sum as to prevent a deficiency therein. For maintenance, care, and repair of automobiles, motor cycles, and motor trucks, acquired for the District of Columbia, that are not otherwise herein provided for, including such personal services m connection therewith not otherwise herein authorized, as the commissioners shall in writing specially order- and for the purchase of six rm} °"_ °b”°° °°°‘°" additional motor vehicles herein s ecified, namely: Automobiles for the offices of the civilian commissioners and the ·*°°°m°"“°•· engineer commissioner, including the assistants to the engineer commissioner, the building ins ection and street cleanindg divisions, surveyo1·’s office, electrical di-: artment, the supermten ent of construction, seventeen in all, including six, seatiqg not more than two persons each, to be purchased hereunder, as fo ows: Three for the assistants to the engineer commissioner, one for the superintendent of construction and two for the surveyors office in lieu of old one to be exchanged,. Motor cycles: One for the plumb pection division, four for “°*°* °¥°’°¤- the street-cleaning department, and for the electrical department, eight in all; _ I Motor trucks: One for the mumcipal architect’s omce, one for the °°°' ""°°”‘ electrical department, and one for the parking commission, three in all · In all, for- motor vehicles, $15,284. All o said motor vehicles and ,tEg’&d‘f' "°°°‘°' "' all other motor vehicles provided for in this Act and all horse-drawn carriages and buggies owned by the District of Coluinbia shall be used only for pur- oses directly pertaining to the public services of said District, andp shall be under the direction and control of the commissioners, who may from time to time alter or change the assignment for use thereof or direct the joint or interchangeable use of an of the same bi officials and employees of the District: Prcnyided, 'lYhat no automo_ ile shall be acquired hereunder, by purchase or exchange, at a cost, including the value of a vehicle exchanged, exceeding $2,000 ` for one seating more than two ersons or $500 for one seating not _ _ more than two persons: Pmvidedpfurther, That all motor vehicles and ...].iZE'}§{{{.`{,°.,,.,‘,§§’,l,‘,§f all horse-drawn carriages and buggies owned b the District of Columbia shall be of uniform color and have aintedy conspicuously thereon, in letters not less than three inches and marked] contrasting in color vgith the body color of the ve `cle, the wordirs, “District of Colum ia." _ Appropriations in this Act shall not be e nded for the purchase aiiinxlum °° °°° or maintenance of horses or horse-drawn vlehicles for the use of the commissioners, or for the purchase or maintenance of horses or horse-